Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The First Post

Hello, Everyone! With all of the startling events that have taken place in the last year, including the finishing of high school, I’ve been thinking a lot about life.  What happens next, when I close the last textbook, and jump into life beyond? What can I do to best honor the Lord, and advance His Kingdom? This blog to encourage others was a large part of my goal list, and it didn’t take my family long to guess what its main thrust would be. They who knew me so well smiled knowingly and said, “Books.”

What can I say?

I like to call myself Lady Bibliophile, with a God-given passion for all things literary. I've been a reader all my life; you name it, I've probably at least heard of it. I've read everything from Elsie Dinsmore to The Way We Live Now, from Eric Metaxas' Bonhoeffer to Eusebius' Church History. When I walk into a library, the sight of books gives me ecstasies that words cannot express. In fact, I consider characters such as Amy Dorrit and Malcolm MacPhail to be some of my dearest friends. And I found the desire to blog about them a natural continuation of my literary friendships.

 But after years of Dickens, I had to add a few subplots to my main idea of book reviews. God has prompted me to share my reading experiences with you, and to enliven the books I review with a global look at issues beyond the pages. I want to challenge my fellow readers not to change what they read, but how they read. I want to save some from the Wickhams and Willoughbys I met, and inspire others to look up epics that I found helpful. And I also want to share the unique evaluation system I use when I read.
Formerly, I read purely for the pleasure of it, and still do, but my reading has shifted in the past year. Only recently did I begin creating a mental 'study guide' if you will-not merely whether a book was
good or bad, but how the characters illustrate biblical concepts; what would have happened if they had made different choices, and how the culture of the day affected the author's point of view. And I want to share those musings as well.

I used to think evaluation would be a heavy, boring process, where I'd have to stop every sentence or two and do an in-depth scriptural assessment. Maybe fun once in a while, but certainly 'not for a constancy' (book quote, anyone?) But that isn't the kind of evaluation I'm referring to now. Rather than stopping and consciously thinking every few sentences, I learned to develop a running commentary along with the book. It's called a mental annotation. And I found it to be so natural, that it added rather than subtracted from the fun. I hope these thoughts will be as enjoyable for you to read, as they were for me to develop.
I want to get to know my readers. You're always welcome to leave a comment or drop me a line at theroyalbibliophile@gmail.com to share thoughts, questions, and suggestions for book reviews.

Stay tuned for a 'novel' look at the reading world...

Lady Bibliophile


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! We look forward to reading more posts. (Make sure to include Spot books :) )
    Your sister and Squeak

  2. Nice job! I can't wait for more.


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