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Raiders From the Sea

Welcome, friends and fellow bibliophiles, to today's book review. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a very special friend of mine. You may remember her as a shameless Blogger hacker, but I assure you she has reformed her ways, (ahem!) and in proof of that fact I invited her to review a favorite series of hers. As we mentioned in Tuesday's post, 12 is a hard age to be a bibliophile. So I thought it would tie up this series very nicely to have Junior Bibliophile make one more recommendation to add to the list.

I have to admit, I read these books too. :)

*Junior Bibliophile appears*

Fair Maidens...Young Raiders....Heartbreak.

Epicness. :D

Welcome to the second post of Junior Bibliophile! Today we are reviewing The Viking Quest series.  I highly suggest you read these wonderful books. Continue on to learn why!

The Review

Living in Ireland, Bree had always wanted to travel, to see what lay beyond the Irish Sea. On her thirteenth birthday she is suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of adventure when she rescues a strange boy from drowning in the river. After he disappears, the family contacts one of the monks at the monastery in case of Vikings. Just to be safe the village prepares for the worst. The next day Viking raiders swoop down on the country side capturing Bree and her brother Devin. As the Viking ship sails farther away from home Bree discovers to her shock that the fourteen-year-old boy she rescued is the leader of this Viking ship. Bree tells him in no uncertain terms that he owes her something since she saved his life. But instead of taking her home, Mikkel promises to protect her if she obeys him. Bree has no intention of doing so and is continually looking for an escape. An unexpected twist takes her brother from her, but they have a motto to remember between them, 'Courage to win.' Bree is alone as the ship gets closer to Norway, Mikkel's home. As the voyage goes on she shows that she will not serve the young, arrogant ruler. Meanwhile Devin is traveling back to Ireland with a companion, all the while trying to figure out how he can set Bree free. Getting to Dublin he meets a shoemaker who kindly makes him some shoes. And then Devin finds out that Mikkel has a well-kept secret. Not only has he stolen gems and a Bible from the monastery in Ireland, he has also stolen valuable coins from his father's best friend. (Trouble brewing)
Bree finally arrives in Norway and meets Mikkel's family. Unlike Mikkel, his father is wise and just and the chieftain of the village. She has to bite her tongue to keep from telling Mikkel that her father is also a chieftain. If she tells him he will most likely raise the ransom or never let her return to Ireland. But she is determined she will never be a slave. Mikkel's brother, Cort, is older than he is; the two are always fighting and she can see the family's strained relationship. Although she is at odds with Mikkel, she becomes friends with the rest of the family. Mikkel refers to her as a slave, but she knows in her heart that she is a daughter of the King.
Finally Devin arrives with in Norway with ransom. Due to Mikkel he ends up in prison. Bree can't escape because she has made a promise to Mikkel that she won't. I'll let you read the book to find out why. :D

Ever since he got back to Norway, Mikkel has been working on another ship for another voyage. When he finishes the ship he starts on a voyage to Greenland. Mikkel thinks Bree's God will keep her safe and he takes her as a good luck charm. Bree goes with him on the promise that she will be set free when they return. As they journey toward Greenland, they start on a epic adventure that takes them through foggy mists and into ice-burg filled seas.
Will Bree ever make it back to Ireland? What will happen to Devin? And will Mikkel follow the one true God?

Junior Bibliophile's thoughts

Although these books don't have a lot of description, they have excellent plotting. I loved Bree and Devin's motto, 'Courage to win'. Also, this isn't your average story where the kids go off without their parents. Throughout the book the children remember their parents’ teaching. Even though they are apart, they still have a very close relationship with each other. Mikkel was my favorite character from the very beginning of the series. But, Lady B strongly disagrees and says Devin is the best. We'll leave it up to you to decide who is better. ;) I would rate the books a five star series. As a little warning: each book ends on a cliff-hanger. I would highly suggest that if you don't own these that you get them by twos at the library. And of course I do highly suggest that you read these books.

That's all for now----

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Be sure to come back next time for a special week-long celebration of Reformation Day. We'll start on Tuesday and continue each day through Friday. If you know someone who enjoys learning about the Reformers, I would be thrilled if you passed the word along!


Lady Bibliophile


  1. Johnson writes better and better as the series goes along. Actually, I was especially surprised by the last book. While there's still action/drama, most of the tension comes from Mikkel's introspection, which isn't something you find often in books targeted to 10-12. Johnson did a great job with this, I thought.

    I appreciated the brother/sister relationships as well. They weren't pettish or snappy but Bree and Dev loved each other, prayed for each other,(and even teased each other) in an engaging and fun way.

    Very good review, Junior B! Thanks for coming today. :) I hope to see you around again...

    By invitation, of course. ;)

    Love and cuddles,

  2. I've always wanted to read these books, but I haven't found them, yet. I loved Johnson's other series called "Adventures of the Northwoods" (I read most of them, but not all). However, I think they have been updated and I haven't read the more modern versions. ;)

    Great job, Carrie-Grace! I look forward to reading another of your posts someday. You should start your own blog! :D


    1. Thanks, Kal! I didn't know Johnson wrote more books. The last book is the most intense. I read it in two days. :D
      Maybe I should start my own blog...(It would be more about cats than books. ;)
      Love, Carrie-Grace

  3. Thanks for the review, Junior Bibliophile, and well done. In our younger days we used to read this author's "Adventures of the Northwoods" series. I don't know how it compares to the series you review here, but you've sparked my interest to find out!

  4. Great post, Junior Bibliophile! All week I've been looking forward to your guest appearance! These sound like great books! A certain member of our family may begin reading them in a couple weeks time! (I'm sure you'll hear about it!!;))

    (A cat blog would be epic!:):P)


    1. Thanks Kyla! Liz will LOVE this series! It might even become her favorite! :D I had to return two of them to the library today. :(
      I'm reading Little House in the Highlands now! (One of the Martha series) She's my favorite too!(I think Scotland had something to do with it ;) )

      Wouldn't a cat blog be epic? ;) :P :D

      Love, Carrie-Grace

    2. I hope so!
      The first of the Martha series that I read was "Down to the Bonny Glen" (Isn't that a delightful title?!;) which my aunt gave me a long time ago. The Little House in the Highlands I think is the first one (I like it the best when she's young;)). Hope you have a fantastic time roaming over the moors with the laird's daughter!:)


      P.S. Lady B., my anticipation is building for Reformation week!

  5. Junior BibliophileOctober 27, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    Thanks, Suzannah! We can't get "Adventures of the Northwoods" through our library system, but you've sparked my interest to find out! :D ;)
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Blessings, Junior Bibliophile


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