Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How Bibliophiles Earn Money

Hello, friends and fellow bibliophiles! It feels so good to be back after a week off blogging, and I'm looking forward to sharing some very exciting things with you in upcoming posts. January is kicking off to a fast start, and I've already got subjects picked through the end of the month.

Today, I'm going to address the issue of bibliophiles and money.

Oftentimes, those spare quarters and dimes really come in handy when it comes to building up your book collection, don't they? After all, books are classed amongst the 'luxury' items for most people, but for the bibliophile they're something a little more than that. They are the spice of life, the inspiration for those of us who like to write, and the fuel we use to change the world. Without books, the world would make the same mistakes the last generation did, because they are functionally illiterate.

"Leaders are readers", so every leader says. But in many cases the budding bibliophile doesn't have the means to purchase new books as much as they would like. Even if you do, what's to argue with more book money?

Let me introduce you to Swagbucks.

Search & Win

I am not part of their blogging affiliate program, nor am I connected in any way to their organization, but I was so pleased with their program that I want to share the joy with all of you. I would have shared it sooner, but I had to test it out first, to make sure it worked.

Here's what Swagbucks is:

You sign up on their website with email and street address, and they start you off with 30 points. Every time you use the Swagbucks search bar instead of a traditional Google bar, your search has the possibility of winning points. You won't win points every time, as it's a random thing. Once you earn 450 points, you can go to the SwagStore and turn it in for a $5 Amazon gift card--or there are various other prizes for various other cards and items.

There are other ways of earning points too--watching a select number of movies, playing video games, taking the daily poll, and survey opportunities. Since I didn't want to use my time playing video games, I've never tried out that feature, but if you enjoy that in your spare time you may want to explore it. Watching the videos was not rewarding enough to waste time on it, so don't go out of your way. Remember that little disclaimer "up to 150 points" when you're disappointed you only got 2 after a half-hour of your time. (Speaking from personal experience.)

 I use the search bar and the daily poll.

The daily poll is a multiple choice question, which might take 20 seconds of your time, and gives you one Swagbuck. I do it if I happen to think of it, but I don't stress out about it every day.
The search bar, as I said before, is a random winning thing. For those families who use extra caution on the Internet, Swagbucks does not display pictures in their search results, which can be a bonus. Also, you get one Swagbuck every day just having it installed on your Internet host site. (Note: even if you have it on more than one computer, you only get one Swagbuck, not one for each computer.) I use it for extensive writing research and online Bible study tools; therefore, I think students and writers especially can use it.

What it all boils down to: you get money while you're working. And that's pretty fun. I don't know how long Swagbucks will keep going, but I'm grateful for this tool as long as it lasts.

What I Bought
Before I was going to advertise this, I had to make sure it worked. So I searched, earned points, and collected Amazon gift card after Amazon gift card. There are various values: you can get $5, $25 or $50 cards, but I calculated out the points, and you get the best value if you buy $5 gift cards (at least from Amazon; I didn't calculate the others.) Amazon gift cards do not expire, and I entered 11 cards at checkout with no problem, so you don't have to worry about entering multiple cards.

This is what I saved up for:

Some books need to be in collector's editions, and I knew I would never save up the $55 necessary to get this. But God blessed me beyond my imagination, and over a year of using Swagbucks, I saved up the money necessary for the LOTR boxed collector's set. They're all hardbacks, illustrated by Alan Lee, and I had to tip the box upside down to get them out because they were so heavy. :) I'm working towards Focus on the Family: The Luke Reports next.

Swagbucks can help a tight family budget, or a student's spending money. It may not give you hundreds of dollars, but an extra $50 a year is $50 you didn't have before.

Swagbucks Dos and Don'ts

Some of us rely on this program so that we can build up our bookshelves and use them wisely. Please steward this resource well so that everyone can enjoy it for a long time to come. Here are some Swagbucks Dos and Don'ts:

Do use the toolbar whenever you need it, but Don't use it only to win Swagbucks.
Don't create multiple Swagbucks accounts for only one user, but Do create one for each family member if they so desire. (It's easier to have one account per electronic device.)
Do install the Swagbucks toolbar on each electronic device you use.
Do use your time wisely. Don't squander it on things that may not win you anything.

My Referral Code
If you are willing, I would be very grateful if you used my referral code while signing up. Within the first 48 hours of you signing up, I would get matching Swagbucks for everything you win, up to 1,000 Swagbucks. Multiple people can use my referral code when signing up.

Here's my code:

Available Prizes

Swagbucks offers gift cards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Southwest Airlines, various restaurants and online stores. They also offer jewelry, a Kindle, and electronic and kitchen items. I recommend avoiding books, posters, and magazines as they are quite immodest.

You can sign up at www.swagbucks.com!

I am excited about the future things I can save up for through this program, and I hope you find it a valuable resource as well. Have you ever used Swagbucks, or do you have any money-earning tips that fellow bibliophiles can use? We would love to hear about them.

Blog Updates
You may have noticed, but My Lady Bibliophile is undergoing renovation! I just wanted to run over the features for you all.

New? Start Here contains the comment policy, which was last updated 1/7/13, so be sure to glance over it. :) It's short and simple. More additions coming to that page soon, so check back periodically. The Book Reviews and Articles pages are complete, with a link to every post I have done so far on this blog. As I post, I will add each post to the appropriate page. The articles are in the order of their appearance, and the book reviews are listed in alphabetical order by author's last name. Enjoy browsing!
The Movie Reviews page lists all the movies available for review. I will never spam your email address if you request a review. All titles are listed in alphabetical order, and the list will expand as I add more titles. If a title starts with "The" I use the next word instead.

My bookshelf has moved to the resources page, and I look forward to adding other great resources, such as favorite blogs, websites, and other great learning materials.

If you would like to post my blog button on your blog, it is now on the sidebar. :)

Any questions or difficulties with the new design? Let me know, and I'll do my best to make it as reader-friendly as possible.

Lady Bibliophile


  1. Dear Lady B,
    I love browsing through your new blog designs. :D Your blog button is very pretty! <3 <3
    It's always fun to win points on Swagbucks. It's a really cool program! Don't Swagbucks come when you least expect them? ;)
    Are you doing any more renovations?
    Love, Sister

    1. Dear Sister,
      I'm glad you like the blog button. :D <3
      Yes, I enjoy the surprises, especially when I get a larger number than normal. ;) And thanks to your help, I get more. :D

      I will be expanding the Movie Review page, and adding "About Me" and "Beliefs" sections in the "New? Start Here" tab. :) And maybe more as we go along, but those are my ideas for now!

      Love and cuddles,

  2. I propose to Lady B that she take a photo with her Tolkien trilogy and share it here. It is really a nice set and far exceeded my expectations!

    Lady B, thanks for being willing to try out something new. I have to admit that I wasn't sure about the Swagbucks thing (and I still have some things to learn), but the tangible benefits are certainly compelling:)!

    Many blessings on your 2nd year here!

    1. I think a picture is a great idea! :) I will definitely post one.

      Thank-you! I am quite excited about what the next year will hold. :)

  3. Dear Schuyler,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us SwagBucks! I believe that I will join it on a school day and put your account name on there! And don't worry, I'll head what you say about not squandering what I search! :P :)

    Just wondering, if there are any other books for my age group than what CG has recommended?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do these posts and make your blog as reader friendly as possible!

    From, Liz Mc

    1. Have fun with Swagbucks, Liz! :)

      Hmm, I will have to think of a few more book recommendations--maybe I can get back to you on that. ;) Did you look through all the ones I posted in "The Hardest Age to be a Bibliophile?" I'll think up some more titles, and get them to you. :)

      I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!



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