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Will Our Generation Speak: A Call to be Bold With the Gospel

Needless to say, the Mally family has contributed a great deal to our family's theology. From the time my mother and I attended a Bright Lights conference to the required family readings of "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends" (honestly, would you think we really needed that?) their resources connect to our situation very early on. Perhaps it was their emphasis on discipling young people, something that fits in very well with the homeschool mindset. Perhaps it was the stories and definitions that we children found so amusing. But whatever the reason, God used their ministry to touch our hearts, and more specifically in my own life, affected the way I viewed my future.

Not only did their girl's conferences lead to some major blessings in my life  (including like-minded fellowship and deciding to learn the harp), they also helped me with many of the insecurities I faced during adolescence. The Mally family ministry focuses on serving Christ, honoring Christ, living for Christ, even when it's hard. This perspective helps diffuse the 'self-image' counselling and turns young people instead to dedicating their lives back to Christ.

Perhaps one of the hardest areas, covered in the book that we're going to discuss today, is the area of witnessing.

Will Our Generation Speak: A Call to be Bold with the Gospel

Grace Mally, the youngest of her siblings, released a book last year on one the subjects she is most passionate about--sharing the gospel. I have to admit, I was a bit tentative picking it up.

In fact, extremely nervous would describe my feelings quite adequately.

I should have known better. Not only is Grace a very sweet young woman, but her whole family ministers on the idea that it's not necessary to be perfect to be a witness, and they're more than willing to share their real side with others. This helps a good deal in diffusing the tension surrounding the subject of sharing the gospel. From the very first paragraph, Grace sets her readers at ease on the one subject that terrifies pretty much all of us. In other-words, if the family who will buy a returned Christmas tree can do it, then you can do it too. ;)

This is her premise:

Today Jesus is at the right hand of God, building His church. In a short while, He is coming back as Judge and King. Very soon, we will see Him face to face. That will be a very exciting day!...The baton--the gospel--has now been handed to us, and there is still much work to be done! In every nation, people are dying without Christ. An estimated 150,000 people die every day (that's approximately two people per second) and those who do not know Christ will be separated from God eternally, paying the penalty for their sins in Hell.
This brings us back to the question each one of us must ask ourselves: What has God given me to do?
We have been entrusted with the most valuable news in the world--the saving message of the cross. Let us follow in the steps of those who have gone before. Heaven is watching The world is waiting.~Will Our Generation Speak? (Chapter One)

The church needs to face the fact that we are horribly apathetic when it comes to sharing Jesus with others. Blanket revival meetings and feel-good Jesus songs aren't working, and we need to implement more (dare I say) Biblical tactics in our approach.

If we win people with the world, then we've only won them to the world. And for those of us who aren't doing any winning (including myself) it's time to wake up.

I have found that most adults of my acquaintance enjoy listening to young people. They enjoy hearing our ideas, and it's a non-threatening way to get our message across. We're young, so they won't be on the defensive. Plus, young people enjoy listening to young people. We can strike up a conversation with pretty much any person our own age and find something to talk about. Therefore, Grace says, young people have a peculiar advantage when it comes to sharing the gospel.

But I'm Scared

God is waiting to enable us with all the power of His omnipotence, and time is ticking. It's reasonable to be afraid. It's wrong to let fear prevent us from sharing the truth with people.

Grace has a big heart of compassion for people who were scared just like her. Included in WOGS are 17 conversation starters, the right perspective on fear in witnessing, what to do when people aren't so friendly, and keys to having a confident approach. Solidly biblical and very convicting, Grace's book leaves her readers with an abundance of resources to start right in.

Witnessing for the Young Generation

I would certainly not say that this book tries to appeal to the 'cool' Christians. However, Grace has a disarming knack of pinpointing what our generation loves and adding it to her book's appeal. She's writing to young people to try to encourage them to share the gospel, and she makes her book appeal to them accordingly. Throughout are sprinkled jokes, references to Starbucks, and little 'smiles' in brackets for those who like emoticons. ;)  Similar to AiG's Demolishing Strongholds, which presents the creation message in comic-book style DVD messages, Grace writes her book so that the tough truths of Scripture are presented in an appealing way. I hesitate to use the word 'appealing', because that makes it sound as if she were trying to make it 'relevant'. She isn't. But she's pinpointed her audience, and very well too. Conviction is sometimes a pleasant experience, and this is one of them.

For those of you who know the Mally family's books, you'll find a whole new set of hilarious stories to illustrate her points. From Sarah and Stephen's cream soda escapade to Grace's numerous conversations in her favorite haunt (Starbucks) the Tomorrow's Forefathers ministry has produced another timely work on on of Jesus' primary commissions.

We finally have a book on witnessing that not only tells us why, but tells us how. Praise the Lord, and may His church take the message of Will Our Generation Speak? to heart.

About Tomorrow's Forefathers

Besides this new book on witnessing, Tomorrow's Forefathers distributes creation science materials, sells a purity book called Before You Meet Prince Charming (along with a brand-new study guide) and are currently releasing a group study guide for a young men's discipleship group. So far, only Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends is available in  another language (Spanish), but I have heard that they have more plans to produce their materials in other languages.

After I finished highschool I began a Bright Lights group in our area, one of Tomorrow's Forefathers resources for teen girls. The goal of this group is to help girls establish wise habits and make right choices during this period of life, so that they have a strong foundation in their adult years. In other words, it's a curriculum designed to help girls before they mess up. And it's a very valuable one.

The focus of the Mally family is to teach young people to take their commitment to Christ seriously. Their ministry emphasizes discipleship and costly grace.

I hope it will challenge and equip you as it has our family.

Lady Bibliophile


  1. We're reading this book right now. :)

    1. Neat! I can't wait to hear what you think of it. :D

  2. Dear Lady B,
    Sounds like a good book!
    How old would Grace Mally be by now? I still think of her as the 12-year-old "Little Miss Grace who sat in her place, writing 'fight the good fight'". We loved the Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends book--especially the definitions and the questions at the end of each chapter. ;)
    Thanks for the review!

    1. I think you would love it, Kyla!

      Ha, yes, I always think of her as 12--but she's acturally 23, I think. Her same personality still shines through! :)


  3. Dear Lady B,
    This is an awesome book and I loved all her stories! It would go on my "highly recommended" list! It really made me want to go out and get 'em. ;) I'd want to read it again sometime. :D Great book and great post!

  4. I am only on the third chapter of this book, and I am already loving it :)

    Very helpful post!
    Cassidy S.

    1. Dear Cassidy,
      I'm so glad you're enjoying it! This is a great book, and I think it would be a good thing to do with our group someday. :)



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