Friday, September 27, 2013

Favorite Bibliophile Destinations

Hi friends and fellow bibliophiles!
I'm at a writer's conference this week, so I'm not going to do a formal post today, but I still wanted to pop in and say hello. :) For today's post, I've shot a couple of blog videos of my two favorite bookstores, one in northern Michigan where I vacation every year, and one fairly close by to where I live. Enjoy, and I would love to hear about your favorite bookstores in the comments section! What are they called? Do you have any big chain bookstores in your countries/states? And what is your favorite section to browse in while you're there?

Lady Bibliophile


  1. It always amazes me how you don't get lost in bookstores... :D
    Those videos were fun. The Cottage Book Shop is such a cute little building. I rather like it, especially since I found a signed addition of "How's Inky?" by Sam Campbell. :)
    Amazon is another wonderful "bookstore". ;)
    Hope the rest of your day goes well! Maybe you can share some of your notes with me. :)

  2. Hey Schuyler,

    This post was fun!! Thanks for letting us 'view' your favourite bookshops. And, oh dear, I have to say I don't believe we have any shop quite like your huge Barnes and Nobles store (JEALOUS, LOL!!!), ... it is so huge, and has a great collection of Tolkien.....dear me, dear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe sometime you'll have to take a video of the inside of Barnes and Nobles =)

    WOW, I find it really hard to access any amount of the classics besides the really famous ones on the bookshelves of our local bookstores; always have to do orders that take a long time coming in!

    I would say my two favourite bookstores are,
    1. Koorong - it is a Christian bookstore chain across Australia and they are great and their stores are really quite large, except they don't always have very cheap prices... and they have an online shop where I do most of my shopping considering their store is a little more than half an hour away from home.
    2. Amazon and Fishpond (which is the Australian version of Amazon with free shipping)
    Technically, they not proper bookstores (online), but I do most of my book-shopping from those sites... only Amazon can be a bit dear with the shipping costs, and fishpond is as slow as a snail with the mail orders...

    Other places I go to buy books is Angus and Robertson - a local bookstore chain across Australia. They sell the classics, though often not in-stock and they are HORRIBLY slow with book-orders. I bought many books by Tolkien and Sutcliff from their shop and it was a bit annoying using their mediocre services. Another place where I sometimes find a good buy is at BIG W - a general warehouse where I found some great children's classics at a great price, and at ALDI where they often sell large collections of a particular classic author - currently I have collections from ALDI ranging from the Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes, Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Bronte Sisters ( a collection of stories such as Jane Eyre, The Villete and Wuthering Heights), Charles Dickens Shorter Stories Collection... and last week I bought a copy of Lewis Carrol's Complete Works. They are such fun, though rather bulky with newspaper sort of paper so it can be hard to read. But they are only for about $10, so I guess it is good =).

    ^_^ Have a great time at the writer's conference and be sure to tell me how it went :).
    God bless!

  3. I'm glad you liked seeing a glimpse of my favorite shops, Joy! And it was fascinating to hear about yours as well. :D I love learning about the international differences between the States and other countries. I think we are very blessed here in America with large bookstores and extensive Christian bookstores as well. They're generally more liberal Christian, but they have a great deal that is worthy buying as well. :)

    It's funny about ALDI--because here in the States that's a small grocery store, and we do our shopping there every other week! :) I have never seen any of the classics on their shelves...

    Yes, I love B&N for the classics. You can get a bunch of them fairly cheaply as new books go, and I've definitely taken advantage of that whenever a spare bit of cash comes my way!

    I'll be sure and tell you about the writer's conference. :D It was a lovely time, and a great learning experience. :)


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