Friday, December 6, 2013

Book Tag Week (Part Two)

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Welcome, friends and fellow bibliophiles, to Part Two of our book tag week! If you would like to read part one, you can catch up here. Questions for this tag are sourced from Cupcake Classics, which I found through a random Google Search. So let's get to it!

1. How do you find out about new books to read?
A lovely question! Somehow, a lot of friends (and family) know I like books, so I get quite a few suggestions dropped right on my doorstep. :) They're very patient folk, waiting for me to get through everything--and they also keep me busy trying to keep up! 

Right now I'm reading a book suggested by an attendee of one of my book talks. Most suggestions come through my Bible study group and other good friends. Very rarely I'll find a book on Amazon that I've never heard before, and which sounds rather good. Most often it turns out not quite as good as it looked. But sometimes it works. That's how I found out about The Way We Live Now, by Anthony Trollope, and I enjoyed that book immensely.

I have a computer document entitled "Books to Look Up", and every time someone gives me a book that intrigues me, I write it in there.

Blogging was also a huge jumpstart to my list of to-reads. I added forty titles to my list last year, and many of them were online recommendations from people I knew. One of my favorite memories was when I had an online birthday party in 2012, and each guest brought a few book title suggestions along with their messages. :) That was special.

2. How has your taste in books changed as you've gotten older?
My taste has not so much changed--though I do read more nonfiction than I used to--as much as my attitude towards reading has. It used to be that books were solely for entertainment, and I guarded that entertainment jealously. Now I think of them as a matter of dominion. I realized that a book was not merely a story, but a worldview encased in fiction or nonfiction, and therefore it was vital that I started practicing a little thinking and unpacking of the themes the author included, so that reading was a beneficial exercise. Really, the Lord opened my eyes, because it wasn't any message or person or book that gave me a thirst for thinking through what I was reading--He just planted that desire in me.

Don't worry. I still have just as much fun as I used to; discernment is far from boring, and you can still like fiction and be discerning, too. ;)

3. How often do you buy books?
Maybe two or three a month. It goes in fits and starts, but that's probably what it averages out to be. Every July I break that record and buy around 15 books at our 4th of July booksale. I also get a few books for free through blogging review programs, and other promotional deals. And sometimes when I go see speakers they hand out free books. For instance, earlier this year I helped run the book table at an Answers in Genesis conference, and got a free book as an unexpected blessing at the end. :)

Most of them are thrifted, but this month I spoiled myself and bought three brand-new books that no one else has ever read before. I know. Spoiled. Rotten. A golden occasion, and so close to the holidays, and I can't think up any excuse that will explain the indulgence. I can't wait till they get here...

Now another good question might be how many books do I persuade other people to buy? Several, I'm pleased to say. At the aforementioned AIG conference, I was so persuasive that a husband and wife both ended up buying the same three books without even realizing it.

I promise, I didn't know they were related. And they returned the extra copies.

4. How did you get into book blogging?
I graduated from highschool. :) Seriously, that is the true answer. About the time I finished graduating, I wanted to start a book blog with some of my thoughts about what I was reading. I've always had a love for writing articles, and the idea of combination book reviews and teaching articles all came together into My Lady Bibliophile. And the Lord has seen fit to bless these efforts thus far with much inspiration, for which I am very grateful.

5. How do you react when you don't like the end of a book?

I FLING it across the room. 

No, I'm rarely that violent. Firstly, I will treat my family to a detailed explanation of how awful it was at the next available meal. If it's of a tragic nature and I don't like it, then I immediately choose a better book that will relieve my feelings, and start reading it as fast as I possibly can, to wash out the bad taste. If I review the book I dislike, I try  never to write a review in the heat of the moment. If it angers or upsets me, then I cool off. Putting words on the internet is a weighty thing, and I try to have emotions well under control before I post opinions publicly.

On one occasion I was so spooked and appalled by the book I had read that I took it into my online group chat and solemnly warned everyone present not to read it.

Such is life with a bibliophile.

6. How often do you take a sneaky look at the back page to see if the book has a happy ending?

Haha, I used to be notorious for this. Every time I got a stack of books from the library, I would go through them all, pick out the chapter titles that looked most exciting and intriguing, and skim through them. That habit has faded with time, and I no longer do so quite as much as I once did. I like a good surprise now, so when I'm really good I wait for the chapters to come consecutively. On occasion, however, reading ahead saved me from a few bad books, and if I'm doubtful about the value of a book, I have no problem with looking ahead to get a general idea of the worthiness of it.

I still do have my moments of weakness, though.

There you have it, my friends! What about you? Do you like to read ahead? What do you do when you don't like the way a book ends?

Lady Bibliophile


  1. And how many times have I scolded you for reading ahead? I'm glad you're improving your ways... *cheeky grin*
    My favorites were #3 and #5. You were a good salesperson to that couple. :D And I always enjoy hearing a rant on your latest read. ;)
    And one of the books you recently bought looks VERY interesting. Maybe you could let me read it! :D
    This book tag has been fun! Is this the last post or will there be another one?

  2. I love getting books! Usually library sales and online are my resources. I only get them new if someone else gets them for me. : )

    ~The Philologist


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