Friday, November 28, 2014

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

One of our favorite Thanksgiving stories is An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, by Louisa May Alcott. It's a charming tale, and easily read in a half-hour to celebrate the holiday season. 

Sixty years ago, up among the New Hampshire hills, lived Farmer Bassett, with a houseful of sturdy sons and daughters growing up about him. They were poor in money, but rich in land and love, for the wide acres of wood, corn, and pasture land fed, warmed, and clothed the flock, while mutual patience, affection, and courage made the old farmhouse a very happy home.

Farmer Bassett's family is looking forward to a glorious holiday season, with good food and loving relatives, when disaster strikes the night before. Grandma, living at a neighboring farm, falls ill, and the Bassett parents hurry off, taking the baby with them, to see her before it's too late. Tilly, Prue, and Eph stay behind to look after the other children like little grownups, and Tilly, eager to gratify her siblings, decides that she ought to be able to get up a Thanksgiving dinner on her own. The next day they set to work.

It's a hilarious escapade, with cooking disasters, trying to choose which herbs to put in the stuffing, fending off strange bears bringing oranges, and flying around in a flurry of activity when Ma and Pa and all the relatives come home for dinner.

Since this is a short story it won't be a lengthy review; but it's a pleasant way to spend an afternoon with a warmhearted family doing everyday things. There's even a tale of history thrown in for good measure, and a lot of country dancing to end it on a high fling. If you love cozy family reads and haven't yet checked this out, you can find the entire story here.

We used to read it every year, and dearly loved the Bassett family and their holiday adventures.

I hope you all had a blessed time celebrating with family yesterday!


  1. I should also add that there is an excellent audiobook of it out somewhere. Do you know who it's by? I haven't heard it in awhile-we should get it out sometime...
    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

    1. Have I ever heard the audiobook? I don't remember but I'm sure I have sometime. And perhaps I'm imagining it, but I seem to remember Tasha Tudor illustrations...

      Happy Thanksgiving!!



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