Friday, December 19, 2014

The Hobbit Tag

The source for these questions. I know not from whence it came. 
It's a hobbity time of year again, and tomorrow I'm off to see the movie. Today we are marking the occasion with a Hobbit tag found on Pinterest! Enjoy, and I'd love to see your answers in the comments.

1. Favorite character? 

2. Least favorite character? 
Probably the Master of Laketown or the Goblin King. Both are disgusting and entirely uncivilized.

3. Have you read The Hobbit? 
Of course. Three times. Once out loud, and twice to myself. Until this fall, Junior B had read it one more time than I had. But I caught up with her. :cheekygrin:

4. Favorite scene? 

Oh, dear. In no particular order, the fight with the spiders, Bilbo's meeting with Smaug, and the final battle. (With Thorin's shield ring, everybody. That is cause for excitement if nothing else.)

5. Favorite dwarf? 
Thorin, without a doubt. That man has so much history and family heritage haunting his every decision. When you understand the backstory, you understand why he went mad with greed over the treasure. And he won the Mountain. He won back his people's homeland.

6. Favorite Wizard? 
Is there more than one option for this answer? I would like to know more about the other wizards before choosing a favorite, though it would still probably end up being Gandalf.

7. Where would you live in Middle Earth? 
I think I've answered this in the LOTR tag. I would live in Rivendell or the Shire.
8. What is your OTP? 
I don't know. What is my OTP? Do I have one? Is it a good thing to have?

Ok. According to Google it means One True Pairing, which leaves me about in the dark as before. Tauriel and Kili would not be in the running.

9. Favorite quote? 
“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone." 
"I should think so — in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!” 

“Truly songs and tales fall utterly short of the reality, O Smaug the Chiefest and greatest of Calamities.” 

“They were frightfully angry. Quite apart from the stones no spider has ever liked being called Attercop, and Tomnoddy of course is insulting to anybody.”

10. Fili or Kili? 
In the book? Both of them are jolly good fellows. In the movie? Fili. He seems a little less for fangirling purposes than Kili.

11. Legolas or Thranduil?
In the book? Legolas. (OH WAIT HE ISN'T IN THE BOOK. Well, if he would have been I would have chosen him.) In the movie? They both have their good points, so it would be a tie.

12. Elves or Dwarves? 
Now that I have learned so much about the beauty and heritage of the Dwarven race, this is a difficult question. I would still choose the elves, but not for lack of love and respect for the dwarves. The dwarves have suffered and battled much, and their fight for good in the land of Middle Earth runs deep. But the elves have the stories and songs of ages, and I think if my heart did not break from the beauty, I would want to live with them.

13. What race would you be? 
Human. Boring human. Though I think I could have been a star-crossed half-human/half-elf under the right circumstances.

14. Favorite weapon? 
I assume they mean between the two great swords and Bilbo's Sting. I love Sting for what it stands for: a humble hobbit staying faithful in a situation far outside his comfort zone, reaching new heights of courage and character. But the other sword: Glamdring, the one that might have been at the Fall of Gondolin, would have to be my favorite. (The slingshot is pretty cute in the movie as well.)

15. Was there a scene that made you cry? 
I do not recollect, but I think when I read The Hobbit this fall I got rather teary-eyed over the scenes when Bilbo is *spoiler* coming home to the Shire.

16. Would you have gone on the adventure?
If I were by myself when Gandalf asked me, it's a toss-up between the two. I rather think I
would have stayed behind. If Junior B had been there, I would have gone in a heartbeat and taken her with me.  ;)

17. Have you watched the cartoon version? 
No, but my mom has a couple of times.

18. The Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings? 
"That's a silly question, counselor." Both, of course.

19. Do you own any Hobbit merchandise? 
Not a lick of it. The LOTR Lego sets are pretty cool, so someday my children Tolkien fanatics can have LOTR Legos. (Please note that I myself am not pining for them.) Unless you count the Hobbit soundtrack as merchandise, in which case yes, I have.

20. Did you buy The Hobbit on DVD? 
No. But my grandparents bought it for me last Christmas, for which I am extremely grateful and incandescently happy.

That concludes the tag, but if you're in the mood for more Hobbit-themed reading, my brother sent me a link to a fantastic article about the Christian evangelium of Middle Earth, which you can find here.


  1. Ooh, lucky. I'm going to be seeing it on Tuesday, and I am sooo excited. And I'm surprised you didn't know what an OTP is. It's quite a popular thing. Not that I would ever get the point of it. Also don't watch the cartoon version ever. It's... not very good.
    I should probably do this tag too. =D


    1. We shall have to compare notes about the movie! Sometimes I write a review and email it to friends afterwards. :) I had never heard of an OTP before this tag, so I guess I'm not a proper fandom fanatic. ;D As for the cartoon, my brother and I were skeptical of its powers of accuracy and didn't want to watch it....

      I would love to read your answers to this tag!


    2. Yes, we shall! If I can contain myself while watching it and focus on thinking about it -- I would probably be squealing and crying and fangirling too much to be able to think clearly. However I shall do my best. ;) I don't remember how much by the plot the cartoon went, (I haven't seen it in years), but there is one large inaccuracy which I well remember. >.<

      *points to blog* =D


  2. Is this a book tag or movie tag, or a strange mix of both?
    -E.H. ;)

    1. 'Tis a strange mixture of both...

  3. Interesting post! Incidently, I agree with you on some of the answers to some of the questions given. It's been interesting to read the book in the Fall and see each movie in the Spring.
    'So, this is the Hobbit?' ~The Book Reviewer (A.J.H.)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! :) Have you seen the movies?

    2. I have seen 'An Unexpected Journey' and 'The Desolation of Smaug' before. However, there are parts me and my younger sister are not allowed to see in each movie, so each time we have to wait until they're out on DVD before we can see them. I am looking forward to seeing 'The Battle of the Five Armies' though. ~The Book Reviewer (A.J.H.)

    3. I hope that you very much enjoy it, and I think you will!

  4. This is a delightful sort of tag, Schuyler. May I join in as well?

    I agree with you about Thorin! That is one of the things I am nervously excited about seeing playing out in the last Hobbit movie - Armitage's performance has also definitely strengthened my interest and liking of his character, despite the multitude of the character's sins and greed; he has that strange, tragic nobility about him and leading loyalty to his people that is quite touching. His history is indeed so sad! On that note, have you watched the Extended Edition of the Desolation of Smaug? They had that extended scene with Thrain which was quite sad in Dol Guildor with Gandalf. I really liked it!

    You know, they say that The Battle of the Five Armies' Extended Edition is going to be full of great stuff that they didn't fit into the theatrical cut. That will be something to look forward to, also.

    And about the dwarves vs. elves. That is really how I feel about it too =).
    I think I am going to read The Hobbit this week in preparation of seeing the film!

    Many blessings,

  5. You are more than welcome to join the tag! I would love to read your answers.

    Without spoilers, I can say that Thorin's performance in BOTFA is fulfilling and satisfying to behold. He's so keen on producing an accurate book-to-movie performance that Armitage is always a pleasure to see act. And I think after all Thorin has gone through that he is a complex and multi-faceted character, and shouldn't be hastily condemned for his greed. The weight of his people sat on his shoulders, and I believe it was that coupled with the gold that turned him mad.

    I have not seen the extended edition of DoS, yet, but look forward to doing so someday!

    Can't wait to talk about the movie with you soon. Enjoy the book and the movie! <3 It won't be long now 'til it comes to AU theatres. :)


  6. Love your answers! :D Those quotes you thought of were so much fun!. I was remembering the scene in the book with the trolls. That had some funny lines, too. :)
    Would you have gone in a heart-beat if I had been there? Hmmm... ;) We must go on an adventure sometime--shall it be Ireland or Prince Edward Island?? :D
    Glad you got to see the movie! <3


    1. And confusticate! ;) The trolls had a lot of funny ones, and I believe we have coined 'rather slow on the uptake' ever since. :D

      I am still so happy. But somewhat recovered. <3



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