Friday, January 23, 2015

Character Interview--Charlotte Dorroll

 Today I am celebrating a character's birthday from War of Loyalties! Charlotte Marie Dorroll, wife of Benjamin Dorroll, was born on this day, and I hope you all enjoy making her acquaintance. The questions are taken from the Beautiful People interviews. :)

Where were they born, and when?
January 23, 1894. Born in New York.

What color are his/her eyes? Hair?
Blue-grey eyes. Blonde, flaxen hair.
What is their station in life?
Only daughter of an upper-middle-class couple; young wife to a new doctor who doesn't seem to make ends meet financially as well as he expected to.
Does your character have a specific theme song?
A Thousand Years, Piano Guys version (the only version I listen to.)

Do they prefer the country or the city?
Charlotte would prefer small town--close to shops, near enough so that she has neighbors at hand if she needs help. Conveniences like telephones and electricity and hospitals are much appreciated.

Do they believe in anything that most people think is impossible?
That people can be healed. That broken things can be restored. That problems can be resolved. She's starting to meet more people who don't believe that, so I think her thinking on that point is about to change. She still believes that God can do the impossible, but she's going to learn that God sometimes uses pain to refine, that he is sovereign even through great pain.

What occupation do they have, or plan on having?
Charlotte is a nurse, and plans to be a nurse until the demands of home and children make it unfeasible. She works for Jaeryn, volunteers in Folkestone, worked for a while at the Richmond hospital, and will hopefully work for Ben eventually.

 What is their favorite type of shoes?
Lace-up boots with the little thin heels, or low brown shoes. She doesn't like high heels, because her feet get sore standing on them all day.

Can they cook? 
She can cook so that Jaeryn thinks she cooks well. ;) In reality, she's an average cook, but not spectacular. She isn't about to take on anything complicated, can't hold a candle to Pearlie, and would probably ask someone's advice before pronouncing something done or tasting good.
How do they show love?
Listening. Charlotte's very good at listening and giving good counsel. She's an active listener, and is able to set aside her own life and thoughts to truly listen to other people.
Do they have any habits, annoying or otherwise?  
She asks Ben if he's locked up every night. Always likes the sheets ironed when they're washed. Writes her parents once every other week on Sunday afternoons. Leaves her hair down every night when she sleeps instead of braiding it.
What is one of their strongest childhood memories?
Going to the sea and building sand-castles. They would have picnics and she can still taste the sand in the sandwiches, and remember the lemonade and eating strawberries with her fingers. She loved it; it was a little opportunity to be messy, as she was usually kept perfectly neat.
What is his/her favorite flower or plant?
Narcissus, Lily of the Valley, and Jasmine.

What is his/her comfort food?
Toast and jam and tea. Preferably strawberry jam. Alisa can make some good preserves, and Charlotte likes the jams in her pantry.

Favorite color?
Charlotte's favorite color is anything in the shade of mulberry or red-violet.
Favorite animal?
Charlotte likes cats. They're soft, and pretty, and clean. And good to cuddle with. She also loves horses--e specially the chestnut ones that have a gold sheen when they're in the sun, and dark manes and tails. She would love to learn how to ride a horse, and I think she likes Alisa's Percheron. :)
Favorite season of the year?
Winter. As long as it's sunny. She loves coats with soft fur collars. Frosty breath, warm drinks and soft, pure snowfalls. Winter seems quiet, and pure, and a time when you can hide indoors and be cozy. The first fresh snowfall is always magical to her.

Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Peach. She loved eating homemade ice-cream at her friend's house when she visited every summer. Her friend lived in the country, and they would climb trees and take haymow rides and learn to milk the cows, and get their pretty, frilly little dresses all dirty and dusty. :) Charlotte rode horseback, which she loved, and went to a little country church. I think that's where she became a Christian.
Is there something he or she is afraid of?
Charlotte is afraid of physical pain. She's good at alleviating it, but she's not comfortable with having it herself.
Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph?
Charlotte did some dancing in high school, and she was pretty, so she had quite a few partners. She really enjoyed it, but Ben doesn't like dancing, so she hasn't done it since they're married.
What is their back-story and how does it affect them now?

Only child of very adoring parents. Charlotte feels very secure in people's love for her. She's used to having her wants provided for in fairly short order, so she's not used to wanting things. Since her parents were not able to have more children, that gives her the fear that she might not be able to either. But besides that, she is well-grounded, confident in the Lord's love for her, and not emotionally insecure.


  1. Aw, I loved this!! :) The pictures you used were so beautiful. I think this may be my favorite character interview yet. :)

    Charlotte is such a safe person--perfect for Ben. I liked her favorite animals and memories and what she believes in as impossible. And that last quote is so cool. :) You really get a glimpse of Charlotte's thoughts there.

    I didn't know Pearlie was so exceptional at cooking. What does she like to cook?


    1. This was one of my favorite character interviews ever to do. :) I'm so glad you liked it so much!! Charlotte is such a beautiful, gracious, sweet person--and all her little habits have come in handy in this re-draft! I love her favorite animals, too. ;) That was one of my favorite questions.

      Pearlie can cook to perfection pretty much any cut of meat, and the side dishes to go with it. And she makes a lovely cherry tart for a hungry lad. :) She's good at cooking and baking.


  2. Happy Birthday Charlotte! You share a birthday with a dear friend of mine. :)
    Being such a quiet person, I love getting to know more about Charlotte; I think she is the sort I would get along with quite well if I were to meet her in real life.
    I am going to make a lovely old-fashioned Apple Tart today...seems it would suit for a birthday, especially someone like her. ;)
    -E.H. ;)

    1. I think Charlotte would love your friend very much, and you too. :) I don't see how she couldn't. I loved your apple tart! As for me, I celebrated with a cup of English Breakfast tea, which is her favorite kind, and listening to her theme song. :)


  3. Give Charlotte my most joyful wishes on her birthday. And I believe the impossible things which she believes as well. Beauty can arise from brokenness, and I truly hope she never ceases to believe that. But alas, people's beliefs are shaky things, aren't they?
    It was wonderful to become acquainted with this most interesting lady. I look forward to the time when I will read more about her. ;)


    1. Charlotte says your birthday wishes are most kind, and she would offer you a warm hug in return if she was able. :) In reading over that question I realized that it sounded rather mournful, as if Charlotte would give up believing in such things. In reality, her thinking is about to expand and deepen, as she faces new things she has never encountered before.


  4. This was really enjoyable, Schuyler--I could almost smell her fragrance. I think she would wear Laura Ashley perfume or Dilys perfume (another Laura Ashley perfume....sight--back in the day!). It seems like she would shop at Laura Ashley and subscribe to Victoria magazine or at least be the type that the magazine editors would write about. I wonder if she would enjoy Lake Michigan up in Glen Arbor or Prince Edward Island in Cavendish...... Ironing the sheets would have been a lot of work, to be sure, but they could have been linen sheets, and a fine quality linen would feel wonderful to sleep on (though it would wrinkle instantly..)

    1. Oh, oh! Those things suit Charlotte's character to perfection. I think you could have filled out this character interview yourself. :) She would love the Laura Ashley dresses, and the Victoria magazines, and I think the bag you're making right now could easily be called "The Charlotte Bag", if it were based solely on her character!


  5. Oh, Schuyler! I really enjoyed meeting Charlotte. She seems like such a wonderful woman. I love how you placed her as a secure woman in the Lord and very caring, and yet showed that she does have flaws.
    I look forward to reading more about her! :)


    1. Aw, thank-you for your sweet comment, Lizzy! I am so glad Charlotte meets your approval, and I hope that you enjoy meeting her in due time. :)



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