Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dear friends and fellow bibliophiles,
It is so good to be here with you all again! I love our little community of conversations, and can't wait to get back into the book reviews. Since this is a busy week, I covet your grace while I arrange regular life into some semblance of normalcy. Today I have a few tidbits of what I've been occupied with on break, and on Friday we will have a War of Loyalties snippets post. I hope to resume customary articles and book reviews next week! Enjoy. :)

reading// A massive tome on the life and times of Richard III. Simply entitled, Richard the III, by
Paul Murray Kendall. Reading Kendall's biography of Warwick really set me up well for understanding his book on Richard.

playing// Dutch Blitz. We rediscovered the joys. It is not beneficial either to my heart or my temper, but I held my own.

watching// Wives and Daughters (1999 adaptation)--with Junior B! You gotta love it when Roger gives Molly books and Osborne kisses her hand, both as attempts at comfort. Junior B: "You'd probably want the books instead of the kiss. Or maybe not--you're a sucker for romance underneath." Well. 

trying// To update the Articles and Book Reviews pages. Coming soon, and thank-you for your patience.

cooking// Nothing much, since our complete flooring is being replaced. It is Armageddon this week at the Bibliophile House.

eating// Donuts. Five people eating one donut at a time don't get through 3 dozen very fast, but we are heartily enjoying them.

drinking// Water. Because that's healthier, and I don't need more sugar.

calling// Nobody this week. 'Tis sad, but true. Maybe something will pop up spur-of-the-moment.

texting// Dear friends who will text me about book sales. Ain't I lucky?

pinning// Writing articles, unicorns, pancake squares, and quotes. Take a look.

tweeting// You can see for yourself. Follow me on Twitter?

crafting// Nothing right now but desktop wallpapers. Here's my latest:

doing// Lots of packing for our ongoing carpet replacement this week.

going// To hear Nancy Leigh DeMoss live-record radio sessions this week. So excited!

loving// The authentic, life-filled community at our local Bible Study Fellowship group. I have learned how important community is to the life of the soul, and more importantly, how deeply, soul-satisfying God's love is. It moves me to tears again and again.

discovering// Adult coloring books. So cool. I'm already looking at my paychecks to see how I can finagle one.

enjoying// Warmer weather! Hooray for short-sleeved shirts!

thinking// About Hannah's prayer life (from 1st Samuel) for the Bible study lesson for the group I lead. Hannah is an inspiring and precious woman of God. I love her confidence and humility before the Lord. (Caveat: I should be thinking about this. I have every intention of doing so. It just hasn't...happened yet.)

feeling// Tired. Starting out the week on a sleepless Sunday night is not a good idea. But Bible reading about 4:40am was wonderful.

hoping (for)// My new review book to come in the mail this week. (Everyday Grace, by Jessica Thompson/Elyse FitzPatrick)

listening (to)// The Incomparable Christ series, by Nancy Leigh Demoss. She aired these 1/2 hour radio shows during the Lent season, and we're almost through them. My favorite was The Soul-Anguish of Christ, but all of them have been excellent.

celebrating// Starting up my Gaelic and French studies on Duolingo again! I had to take a short break during the last weeks of editing, and I am overjoyed to resume. Dia duit, what? (And you would say "Dia is Muire duit!" :)

We also went hiking to see endangered snow trilliums.
smelling// The sweet scent of violets on our lawn. Also skunk cabbage on our Saturday hike, but that was not so sweet. 

considering// How to make a completely tragic story into something redemptive. I'm not sure whether just to tell the story and let the redemptive come, or have a plan in place before I start.

finishing// Memorizing Psalm 51! It's actually all memorized; I just have to firm up the last few verses.

starting// New writing projects! I'm going to whip up some magazine articles in the next few weeks, and workshop notes for our state homeschool convention. Join me there?

What has your week looked like? I'd love to know! :)

*This handy list was taken from this pin


  1. Aww, such a sweet list, Schuyler :). I thoroughly enjoyed getting a peek at your week! Also congratulations again on finishing those edits. . . you sure deserved that break :)). <3

    "It is Armageddon this week at the Bibliophile House." - that made me smile, just because it is the sort of thing that reminds me of our own house these days! You seem to have had a lovely week of re-fuelling and catching up on life. . . but I will not say "relaxing" because removing carpets from rooms of a house is anything BUT calming and quiet :).

    I love Psalm 51, and it was such a blessing to memorize it at school as well, as I've found it such a beautiful Psalm to sort of pray meditatively in my private devotion time - such a beautiful Scripture passage of repentance and turning back to the Lord with brokenness and contrition of heart. I need to get back to Scripture memorisation, because it is such a beautiful tool of speaking and reminding oneself of God's Words in every day life and prayer, through the different situations.

    Aww, I want to re-watch Wives and Daughters. . . such a sweet story. I love Molly and the Squire! :)). . . also the ending of the film is so romantic and sweet. Cynthia bugs me a lot though. *sighs*.

    Bleh, packing. Not fun! Try to enjoy though - at least it is not HOUSE moving. That is such a big headache ;). Ooh, if you should like to get a call, Schuyler, perhaps we should maybe consider doing a video chat or something like that by and by! :))

    That would be heaps of fun!

    I love your desktop wallpaper. So beautiful.
    God bless and much love, dear friend <3

    1. It was a lovely week of refueling, though with some busy days mixed in! I think I'd have to get out of town to get a complete vacation. :) I can't wait until the carpet is done! It means a lot of moving around and being stuck in certain areas of the house.

      I read Psalm 51 often, too. :) It is the most beautiful expression of repentance, and how could I think of words better than that? It's a wonderful one to meditate on and memorize.

      Yes, yes! Let's do a chat! I will send you a PM to ask you the best means/times to do so. That would be so exciting and special. <3 :)

    2. And much love to you as well, Joy! <3

  2. I wish I could come up and help you eat the donuts. I'd eat two at a time. *cough* #needstoworkonselfcontrol

    I simply must know your Duolingo username. I'll need to consider picking up Irish again over the summer. Or maybe keep my German knowledge fresh. Maybe next time we meet I can attempt speaking with you in Irish. =}

    My week has been schoolwork and story- and poetry-writing. Also revisiting TV show characters I had missed. Oh, and I read Out of the Silent Planet by Lewis. Quite an interesting read, although not my favorite.

    I hope the carpet replacement goes well! New carpets are a joy to walk on. =)

    1. #stillworkingonthedonuts #needVictoria'shelp :)

      My Duolingo name is Lady Bibliophile! We should be Duolingo friends. :D I would love to speak Irish with you next time we meet up.

      Oo, out of the Silent Planet! I've been longing to read C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, especially Perelandra. What did you think of it?

      We like our new kitchen flooring very much. The living-room is happening today(!)

    2. If I manage to remember any Irish words. I've neglected the course for a while. xD

      I like Lewis' imagination, first and foremost, and also his educated style of writing. Some of the theological and psychological discussions in it I found insightful, even though I disagreed with some of the concepts. In terms of plot and character I found it rather dull though, as the plot wasn't really anything grand, and the characters, even Ransom, the main character, were flat. Otherwise I enjoyed it so much I finished it in about three or four days. =)

  3. O_o You get John Stonestreet at INCH? :isabitjealous: He was one of the teachers for my worldview course. I have his (coauthored) book, and I love it. He's an amazing speaker, IMO. :D

    "It is not beneficial either to my heart or my temper, but I held my own." I laughed at that. :D Just wait...1.5 more months. :P

    Those adult coloring books are amazing. I didn't know they existed. It's almost like paint-by-number minus the numbers. If you get one, I'd love to see it. :D

    I'm sorry you didn't get much sleep on Sunday. ;) But I'm very glad you're getting warmer weather. It's nice here, too, and I'm loving the short sleeves again. :)

    This tragic story turned redemptive sounds rather interesting...tell me about it sometime? :D

    You should call me. Or I could call you when I'm done my paper. Like a reward for your hard work editing, and me finishing my paper. :wasntme: :D

    I love this post. Perhaps I'll steal the idea from your pin sometime, and post my answers on Facing the Waves. ;)


    1. I can't wait to hear him, upon your recommendation! I am not familiar with him otherwise, so look forward to learning more about him.

      Dutch Blitz is on our list. :happy:

      I still want that coloring book! I think I will end up getting it soon, but I'm very indecisive. The idea of showing it to you strengthens my resolve. ;)

      Will tell you about the story! (It's actually one you've heard about already, but I haven't finished writing it.) Yes, and we should call each other! Whenever you like; we can text a time that might work. :D That sounds like a wonderful reward.

      And I would love to see your answers to this post! :D


  4. Loved this. :D You should do this again sometime. ;)

    I loved what you said about the donuts and Dutch Blitz. And congratulations on finishing Psalm 51! :)

    There was one part of this post that left me rather concerned. :P

    >>considering// How to make a completely tragic story into something redemptive. I'm not sure whether just to tell the story and let the redemptive come, or have a plan in place before I start.

    My dear, WHICH story is this?

    Your desktop wallpaper is so pretty, btw. :) I love it so much.


    1. Now are you less concerned? :P

      I'm glad you love the desktop. It makes me happy. <3

      Love you much!

  5. Wives and Daughters is soooo good and sooo sweet. One of my absolute top favourites. :)

    1. It is! I love all the characters. (Well, except maybe Hyacinth. ;) )

    2. Me too. Haha, yeah, except her..."Your own dear Hyacinth" XD

  6. Schuyler, I love, love, love the BBC miniseries adaptation of Wives & Daughters. Have you ever read the book?

    Rodger and Osborne are the best. The brotherly love they have for one another and for Molly is so precious! :)

    I'm also enjoying the warmer weather. Yay!

    God bless,
    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. Yes, Danielle, I have read the book! :D In fact, I always try to read the book first if possible, and then treat myself to the movie as a reward. I enjoyed it very much--I'm so glad Gaskell left notes for her editor, since she didn't complete it before her death. It would have been terrible not to know what happened!



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