Thursday, May 28, 2015

Homeschool Diaries Character Interview--Audrey Van Alstyne

I'm off gallivanting tomorrow, so Friday's post goes up early! :) Happy reading, folks! 

(New to Homeschool Diaries? It's my current work-in-progress, and you can check out more about it here.)

I was absolutely shocked by Audrey's winning margin in the character interview poll. It's kind of ironic, actually. Up until today I considered doing a 180 switch for her personality, but when a friend mentioned that she liked Audrey, I got to thinking and saw potential for plotting that I had never considered before. So here she stays.

Meet Audrey Van Alstyne--the youngest girl in the Van Alstyne family--a lass with nut-brown hair that reaches past her shoulders, brown eyes, and a starry smile whenever she's pleased with something.

How old are you?

Who is your best friend?
I talk to Brielle about a lot of sister things, but outside the family it's Megan. She has blonde hair, blue eyes and glasses. She likes books and  wants to write stories. She also likes skiing, and her family travels a lot. 

What is your favorite book? (or genre of books)
Faerie Queene, Lady of the Lake, Cowper, Stevenson's poems, Tolkien's poems, anything poetry. It is beautiful. I am sad people don't love it more. 

Favorite color?
My favorite color is blue. Blue of ocean, blue of sky--icy blue, smoky blue, turquoise or sapphire.

What kinds of things get on your nerves? 
Unmade beds. Dirty hands touching food. Crooked tablecloths. The dirty carpet in the entry way. (It is the trial of my existence.) Smudged windows. Schoolbooks out of order on the shelf. 

What is your biggest secret?
I am writing a poem about as long as Spenser's, and I want it to be really, really good, but I don't want to show anyone yet. It is hidden on my computer in a password-protected document. 

What is your comfort food?
A mug of soup, any kind, but especially potato bacon. And hot. Piping hot. I love soup.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
(She won't answer, so I'll step in for her.) Audrey has baked 10 dozen cookies for the church bake sale, won honorable mention at the fair, and put a month of meals in the freezer, which she vowed she'd never do again. She also designs all the birthday cards for the family and writes the messages inside. She has written 200 pages in her epic poem.

Do you have any habits, annoying or otherwise?
I always tuck my shirts in, and keep my pencils in a cracked mug painted with three kittens in a basket. I organize my books by alphabetical order. All my schoolwork is clearly labelled. I sing while I work, which I suppose can sometimes be distracting/annoying. I also give everyone a napkin at dinner, which some consider unnecessary and insulting. But I like nice table manners. 

 What do your other characters have to say about them?
"Quiet." "Has a secret little notebook." "Good cook." "Helpful in the kitchen." 

Favorite season of the year?
Fall. It's crisp and colorful and very poetic--an old year dying, making room for a new year. It makes me think of foxes and fires and donuts and hot cider with cinnamon sticks. 

How do you show love?
I make cookies and work around the kitchen; try to help Mama with meals and picking up. Acts of service is my love language. 

 If you crashed on an island with a bunch of other people, how would you help the group survive?
I would cook for them, and comfort people who were afraid, and be a hard worker with all the everyday responsibilities. I wouldn't know how to find things to cook, but once someone had found it, I would mix it up for them.

Favorite kind of weather?
Rain. A grey, steady, heavy rain where I'm inside and the house feels like a cocoon. Or snow is just as well. The perfect weather for curling up with a book and a mug of tea. 

 If someone walked up to you and told you that you were the child of the prophecy, would you believe them?
I think at first I would be quite disbelieving, but upon second thought I might put some credit to the idea and be secretly excited about it.

Any strange hobbies?
I collect Dutch china figures--the blue and white ones. But that's not very strange, is it? I keep them all on the bookshelf that I share with Brielle. 

Do you have a sweet tooth? 
Yes! I like desserts, especially chocolate, and breakfast breads. Blueberry muffins are scrumptious. 


  1. Dear Audrey,

    I think you and I would be very good friends! I love poetry too, and the color blue, and keeping great epics in secret files, and rainy days. You sound like a lovely person.


    1. Audrey would love you and your sisters. I am quite sure of it. <3

  2. "Child of the Prophecy"? That one provoked some thought (:P). More along the lines of what I would think about the person saying it to me and wondering if I should call the authorities, LOL.

    (I did enjoy this very much. These character interviews are fun)

    1. Haha! I think I would be like "What???" :)

  3. Audrey, you sound very sweet. :) Would you like to come over and we can bake some cookies together? And I like your favorite color too. :)

    1. Audrey would love to bake cookies with you, and you can pick the kind. :)

  4. I am so glad Audrey won out - I think I may have been the first on the poll to request her being the first "Homeschool Diaries" interviewee :D. I honestly didn't know much about any of the characters of your new novel, Schuyler, but as soon as I saw your Pinterest board, and saw some of the hints of what her character may be like, and as well as your last snippets post, I knew I wanted to get to know her. I mean, this girl likes Tolkien! :D

    Audrey sounds like a very sweet young woman, and very much a neat representation of many young ladies in conservative homeschooling families. I love her very much already, and we'd get along quite nicely too, I think, though we may have different personalities.

    P.S. I want to read your Spencer-long poem, Audrey. May I? I will be awful nice in my thoughts/criticism!

    1. I'm so glad you saw that in her! At first I wasn't sure about Audrey's character, but the more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to keep her. I loved her representation of the sweet, conservative, bookish class of homeschool girls, contrasted with Brielle's confident, self-directed, social side. I want both girls to encompass the conservative and liberal swing of homeschooling so that it can be a more complete picture.

      And you are a sweet homeschool girl yourself. <3

      PS. Audrey is too terrified to show anyone her poem. But if it were only real, I know she would feel safe with you reading it....


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