Monday, May 4, 2015

My Bookmark Collection

Today's post goes up early since I'm working elections tomorrow. Enjoy! 

When I was little, and my daddy read to me, I would sit beside him and bend the bookmark into as many tiny squares as I could while I listened. They were all so mangled by the end that we had to get a new one for the next volume. I'm not sure why I did, but bookmarks have always been a special part of my reading experience. Technically I don't need them. I can stop in the middle of a paragraph and pick up the next day. But I consider them an accessory, like some girls use jewelry and shoes and purses.

Today I thought it would be fun to show you my bookmark collection.

My brother and I got $5 symphony tickets when we were in highschool. So much good classical music, and our conductor was British, which made it even more pleasurable.

Ballets...plays...meeting the Von Trapp great-grandchildren. We got to see Diana's wedding dress when her dress exhibit came to town, and we saw Max McLean's Screwtape play.

These are from good friends. They are precious. And the "Shh! I'm reading." makes me smile every time. :)

Creation Museum planetarium. We like going there. And tickets for the snake shows--I once held a six-foot yellow snake all by myself so I could put the picture on my highschool graduation slideshow. (Granted, I was so scared I couldn't touch it two years prior, but hey--I grew braver with time.)

Our awesome state homeschool musicals. In Titanic one of the dads engineered the whole stage to tilt up while the ship was sinking.

Our local library handed out Emma bookmarks when it first released on PBS. Guys, the last episode coincided with the Superbowl. It was agony switching back and forth--during the proposal!!

Most of these are bookmarks my grandma has given me with books for Christmas gifts. Some I just found around the house. I gave them a good home.

These bookmarks are sold so the proceeds can help women rescued from horrible situations. They are very special.

One friend made me bookmarks with all the featured quotes of the year from my blog! I was so tickled. :)

Every time we went somewhere special and got tickets, I would carefully save them for a bookmark. It is a way to remember what happens throughout the years, and to call those memories to mind. I have been so, so blessed to be in a state/city where a lot of neat stuff comes to town, and blessed as well with good friends who share my love for reading.

Do you have a bookmark collection? I'd love to see them. :)



  1. I spot Richard III! =D

    Lovely collection! I enjoyed seeing how many you had--I love how you try to fit each bookmark to the theme of the book that you're reading. :) I think some of my favorites are the special handmade ones and the ones from the homeschool musicals. :) Those are so neat. :D

    Because of Bible Bee, I think I'm one of the only people in the world who has a bookmark in Nahum. XD It's a very special bookmark, and it holds lots of memories. :D

    Can't wait to see you when you get back! <3

    1. He's trucking right along. I have him past his coronation and through the chapter about London/current events. Hoping to have a review up in a couple of weeks!

      It is fun to fit the theme--though now the theme can be anything from the book, to my current inspiration, to a friend I'm thinking about. I love them so much.

      Hehe. Your Nahum bookmark cracks me up.

      I'm glad to be home. <3

  2. I collect ticket stubs in a special box, but I've never thought of putting them to use as bookmarks. It's quite a wonderful idea. =)

    1. I keep the most special ones in a Smashbook/scrapbook. But these ones are generally special, so I make them useful. :)

  3. That is quite the bookmark collection. For some reason, I can never seem to keep bookmarks for very long. I have a metal one that I love... but it slides out of its place and doesn't really do its job as a bookmark very well, so it stays in my drawer. Usually my bookmarks are just scraps of whatever paper tends to be on hand when I have to stop reading. I do have a lovely bookmark that my 6 year old daughter made for me out of a strip of construction paper "Because I know you like to read, Mommy." That is very precious to me, and thus far it's the only bookmark that has stayed with me for any amount of time (going on 6 months now, which is a fairly impressive stint, for me)!

    I love your use of tickets to events and shows as bookmarks, that's a cool use for them while also keeping the memories alive and fresh! I might have to adopt that one!

    1. Awww, that one from your daughter sounds so cute. It would be one to treasure, for sure. :D

      I think people around here have even used dollar bills for bookmarks, though the idea shocks my thrifty Scottish soul. Anything to mark the place! But yes, the memories do make it extra-special, and remind me how many good gifts the Lord has given.

  4. Fun, fun, fun! Bookmarks are always nice, though I don't think I have nearly that many, or, at least not special ones. All those tickets look like they'd be great in a Smashbook, but bookmarks is a good idea too. (I'm just in the mode of Smashbook right now; Elizabeth liked hers so well that I got one too, and I'm having fun putting in all the tickets / programs / name tags / stuff that I've collected over the years.)
    Oooh, I recognize some of them! ;D
    Trying to watch the end of Emma at the same time as the Superbowl--that's hilarious. Oh my, I can just picture ya'll doing that. :D
    Hope elections work went well!

    Kyla <3

    1. If you come down this year, I so want to see your Smashbook. Or maybe on a hangout sometime. Did you get a pink one? I love looking through my Smashbook pages at special memories. :)

      We still remember Emma's debut with groans of despair. :P

      Elections went very well! We had 256 voters, and it was a nice day with workers I knew. I saw familiar faces and had lots of time to read, and ran the computer most of the day. Thank-you for your prayers!

      Schuyler <3

  5. It's nice to see your collection! You must be very organized. :) Where can you buy the ones used to raise money to rescue women?
    I generally just use whatever's around as a bookmark, and some special ones from friends I use in my Bible... Some I like to leave in a book once I've finished reading it, so as to get a little surprise for next time. But yes, one can never have too many!

    1. I keep all my bookmarks in a pencil holder. :) That way I don't lose any. The wooden women-rescue bookmark is from Women at Risk ( and the beaded one is from WAR as well, though mine is in green ( I also have another one (lost in a book somewhere!) from Eden ministries ( They make for beautiful bookmarks to support a cause! :)

  6. Oh, what a lovely collection of bookmarks, Schuyler!
    I love those sorts of posts, and your collection is marvellous, both a gem of fond memories and also delightful editions :D. I try to save such tickets, though I personally haven't attended that many performances. . . I did want to attend a West End London performance of Les Miserables and War Horse while we were in London, but it turned out pretty expensive when one converted the price from English pounds to the AUS dollar :P. I would love to see a West End performance one day!

    Ooh, you attended a production of Max McLean's "Screwtape Letters" play; that must have been special! While we were in Oxford we attended his performance of C.S. Lewis' "Weight of Glory" in the University Church of St. Mary where C.S. Lewis preached that sermon in very same church - it was a powerful and very moving message, especially hearing it at St. Mary's!

    I don't really use bookmarks as I usually forget about them as I read (I just try to remember where I left off last on the page, which is something I usually remember!) However lately I have been taking my time with my readings sometimes, so I sometimes take a few minutes to find my place. . . I should use bookmarks more!

    When I do use them, I use a piece card from the tea-box, a tissue, or sometimes if I randomly find a verse-card or something like that. Recently, I got a few free bookmarks from which were super cute. I am definitely going to try and use them!

    I love your Scripture bookmarks, and the lovely bookmarks made by women in difficult situations - that is special to get something that can help someone! I think my favourite ones are Scripture and literary bookmarks, like ones with a quote or art drawing from a favourite classic book. Have you heard of the magnetic bookmarks?They seem like super handy, and cute bookmarks that don't fall off a page! If the price of shipping overseas wasn't so expensive, they would be so fun to own :)


    1. Oo, those West End performances would have been lovely to attend! It's too bad you weren't able to go. But how special that you were able to see Max McLean, especially one of his Lewis productions. He is amazing, isn't he?

      I like the idea of making bookmarks from some of my favorite quotes! That would be just lovely. And I really like the Etsy ones you linked to. So cute. XD

  7. I love these! :D I recognize quite a few. ;) I have two drawers that have bookmarks in them, but I tend to use my favorites which are on the shelf beside my bed (probably 'cause that's where my books also are). I love using bookmarks from friends. :) <3

    1. Awww. I love the shelves by your bed. I use a lot of favorites too; some are rotated quite often, and then the others are chosen a little more sparingly. :)


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