Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Liebster Award

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My dear friend Joy C. nominated me for the Liebster award over at Fullness of Joy. I love these questions, and can't wait to dig in! 

1. What is the driving passion of your life?
To love God and to love the people he brings across my path. All out, authentic, Jesus love that speaks truth and isn't afraid to deal with the good and the bad that those around me struggle with. My driving passion is to be a Safe Place. There are few of those in the world, and I want to be a person that people can come to to rest a while and talk things out and reconnect with Jesus.  
2. What is your favourite subject of study?
People and personalities. Seriously, I could think and talk about that all day. I love finding out what people like, what makes them feel secure, what lights up their eyes, and how their birth order, background, and life experiences affect their behavior. I think that's why I got into writing. Studying how lots of different personalities live out the same principles in the Christian life is a never ending source of interest. 
3. When you're having an "off-day", what are some of the things that help you snap out of it, or just help you relax and take the rest of the day in your stride? 
Hmm. I do have off days, believe it or not. I still try to be productive--but if I feel under the weather, than I am gentler with myself. Music helps a great deal. Pulling up a book on my Kindle app. But if it is blog day, then I don't put it off--the blog gets written. I simply allow it to take longer than it normally would. I am an OCD listmaker and I do my dead-level best to get the key things crossed off, so the off days are still somewhat productive. 
4. If someone made a movie of your life, what actor/actress would you cast to play you?
I once heard someone say Emily Blunt from The Young Victoria. It made my month. Not only have I never been compared to a movie actress before, but I very much relate to Emily's combination of aristocratic dignity, holding people at arms' length, with moments of tearful vulnerability and teasing laughter. So I'll go with that. 
5. If you could go back in time and meet any authors of the past, who would your top 4 be?
Charles Dickens. I'd ask him one question--who killed Edwin Drood? Thomas More. I'd ask him one question--how much did Henry VII bribe him to make up about Richard III? Tolkien. I'd ask him lots of questions, including whatever happened to the Entwives. And Corrie Ten Boom. I want to give her a hug and tell her just how much her books helped one worried 14-year-old girl find rest in Jesus. 
6. What is the biggest lesson you have learned during the past year?
That God loves his people. That he is holy. That there are tons of people in the Church body willing to reach out and show loving care. That God is enough. Enough. Do you know how much joy and freedom and security there is in that thought? That intimate fellowship with him is the most spiritual, thirst-quenching thing. Coming to Jesus for the water of life. This last six months has been a floodgate of--Enough. God. Fellowship. In 2014 I went through some painful waiting seasons--and now the harvest is coming up, and it is sweet. Pray that I will continue to be faithful to Jesus, and rely solely on him. 
7. Do you have any exciting adventures in your life that bring back special, fond memories?
I always love the fact that our parents chose to invest their resources in taking us on adventures.
We lived quite simply in a lot of ways, and have a lot richer memory bank for it. We went to conferences and saw people, took vacations every year, and went to concerts and plays. It got embarrassing to admit how many people we had met, but kind of fun at the same time. Check out the post on bookmarks for some of them. Travelling to Maine, Vancouver, and Florida, meeting the Von Trapps, going to see Celtic Thunder, and Saturdays hanging out with very dear friends are some of my favorites. 
8. What is your favourite non-fiction book? Why do you like it?
Oh my. I really don't know. I love a lot of nonfiction and am deeply impacted by it, but unlike fiction, there are few books that I read over again in nonfiction. A Place of Quiet Rest, by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, about God's heart for our daily devotion time is incredible. So is One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. The effects of gratefulness and seeking God's face have lasted long after I finished reading them. 
9. Do you play an instrument (may include voice)?
I used to play harp, but it has been so long I no longer consider it a current instrument. I could pick up a lot of the songs I've learned with a couple of practice sessions, though. For now, my only instrument is the fact that I sing a lot. I am a copycat singer--I do my best to imitate the feel of the artist singing my favorite versions, whether it's contemporary, contemplative, Broadway, or jazzy. I hum while I'm doing dishes, driving, talking with friends, playing Dutch Blitz, and vacuuming. I always have someone singing in my headphones while I'm writing. But I have never taken voice lessons. 
10. Have you lived all your life in one country? If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you wish to live? 
Yes. Practically in the same house. I actually like where I live. We have no fearsome beasties or terrible weather conditions, even if the winters get really cold. And we're close to lakes and have the conveniences of city life, so I am quite content. 
11. What is something that makes you cry (a book, song, movie, etc) and why?
I cry a lot more than I used to. My heart is softer and more hungry, and God is more real. Love makes me cry easily--God showing how great his love is, or someone else showing love. Constant heart hunger makes me cry if unrelieved--but it generally takes a few days to bring me to the point of tears. As for movies, I have cried at The Young Victoria, October Baby (I think) Bleak House (*soft wail*) and lots of others. Books I cry quite often. I can't remember if I cried over Warwick the Kingmaker. I cried over LOTR (who doesn't?) I cried over One Thousand Gifts. I used to pride myself on the fact that I never cried, like Jane Stuart. Then I realized life was suffering for it and embraced the authenticity of tears. 

12. What is one blog/blogger that inspires you to write? Please share why and provide a link!
I have lots of friends on the blogosphere, but I find most of my inspiration through conversations, emails, and texting with friends. That's where I develop my early ideas, talking them out with people and getting different perspectives. Then they are ready to face the world in a formal blog post. Knowing a lot of my readers keeps me motivated to post twice a week--it feels like having a chat with you all. :) 
13. Why did you start blogging and what is the goal of your blog?
I finished highschool and wanted to start a blog that incorporated my love for books with discipling readers into a thinking mindset. It's been a journey of thinking, growing, learning and reading for the last three years. Lord-willing it will last for years to come! 
14. What are some of your favourite hobbies (if any) besides blogging and writing?
Good question! That is my main activity, but when not writing or blogging, I learn Gaelic and French, design novel scrapbooks, make donuts now and then, and watch period drama movies. I also enjoy organizing and jewelry-making. And the more dangle earrings, the better! :) 

Kaleigh  at Facing the Waves 
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1. What is the driving passion of your life?
2. Do you have a daily devotion plan or prayer time, and if so, what does it look like? 
3. What is your favorite friendship in literature? 
4. Are there one or two themes close to your heart that wind through your favorite books? 
5. What is your favorite time period in history, and why? 
6. Is there one person in real life who has had a huge, (positive) impact on your spiritual journey, and if so, can you tell us a little bit about them? 
7. What are your international family roots? Are they important to you? 
8. Who are two of your favorite music artists? 
9. Do you have a morning routine to get your day started? What does it look like? (Alternate: what's your favorite way to wind down for the night?) 
10. Why did you start blogging and what is the goal of your blog?
11. If you can pick one word that you want to be your motto on social media, what would it be? 


  1. Very lovely answers, Schuyler! I enjoyed reading them and learning more about you. =) I didn't know you made jewelry too! It's not something I actively do, but I do love making earrings now and then, even though my ears aren't pierced yet. However I have an older sister to wear them. ;)
    Thank you very much for nominating me! These last couple of weeks of the school year I have found rather busy, but I will try to get to this as soon as I find time. =)

    1. I enjoy making jewelry now and then, though for me it's all earrings as well. :) I hope you are able to get your ears pierced sometime so I can make earrings for you!

      No rush, my friend, but I shall look forward to your answers when you have time! :)


  2. It's great getting to know more about you! (And I see you're a fan of Fresh Modesty! :D)
    Question one though - you worded it so well. "My driving passion is to be a Safe Place." I like that so much. It's my desire too. :)
    And I like studying people too, and what makes them what they are... I'm pondering over a couple of cases right now: 'What was their childhood like? Is that why they are how they are?' It's fascinating. :)

    1. Haha, I wondered how you knew about Fresh Modesty until I realized it was on my shirt! :)

      Mhm. Studying people has made countless hours of interesting thought for me. :)

      I love meeting other safe places in the world. I'm sure it's a huge blessing to your friends.

  3. I really enjoyed this! So much fun to learn more about you. XD No really, I loved #1, 2, and...quite a few. Too many to name. ;) Lovely post. <3
    And that eye. ^_^

    1. Haha. XD I'm glad you enjoyed them. <3 I'd love to hear your answers to some of these.

      Isn't that eye spectacular?

  4. So you may have seen my post already, but here's the link anyway: http://shantellemaryh.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-liebster-award.html

    Once again, thanks so much for nominated me!! ^__^ It was such fun!!

    And I enjoyed reading your post! Just lovely!! :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading, Shantelle! Again, I really enjoyed your post as well. :)

  5. This is just such a lovely post, Schuyler! I truly enjoyed reading your responses to the questions. It was heaps of fun, and just really special to get that extra glimpse of your day to day life, and your hobbies/interests :D.

    I am excited about the study of people too, and that is something I always love about literature, because one can get to explore that, and even write it in fiction.

    I also loved what you said about how your parents valued the memories made through trips as a family; that is lovely and something I am grateful for in our family also :D.

    I really want to read "One Thousand Gifts", and I got the book while I was in Sydney, so I am excited to read that! P.S. I love the bird-picture - so CUTE!

    And, yes, I think Emily Blunt would be a good cast for you, Schuyler - you even share some similarity in looks as well as personality, if Young Victoria is anything to go by (Love that movie!) Mmm, I heartily agree with your tea-list for the authors you'd meet. :D

    Love you, dear friend! You are a such a blessing. <3

    1. I was speaking yesterday, and said often those who love fiction love relating to people more than abstract concepts. Both kinds are important, but I think that's why we love stories in literature. :)

      Can't wait to hear what you think of One Thousand Gifts! That is so cool that you were able to get a copy. :)

      I'm glad you liked Emily Blunt!


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