Friday, July 3, 2015

Homeschool Diaries: Meet Josh

Welcome to the monthly character feature! This is where I interview a character from a story I'm currently writing. Right now I'm working on Homeschool Diaries, a diary kept by a recording angel about the escapades of a not-so-perfect homeschool family. To read some snippets, click here. To meet Audrey, click here

Today we're interviewing Josh--a 15yo homeschool boy. Brown-haired, blue-eyed, and the put-upon youngest sibling, he's been fun to hang out with this week. :) 
Jill took a nap this afternoon. Woke up feeling groggy and complaining she never got enough sleep. Josh was sitting on the couch with Apple Jacks and milk when she got out. “You’re not tired, Mumsie,” he said cheerfully. “You’ve just got sleep state misperception."
“Josh, you’ve kept me awake since you were born. I do not have sleep—misperception.” Jill found her reading glasses and picked up the stack of teacher’s manuals to grade schoolwork.

What is their full name?
Joshua Brian Van Alstyne

Is there something he or she is afraid of?
Josh is afraid of spiders. He won't admit it, but he hates spiders.

Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph?
Josh draws anime. He's very good at it, and he even draws it in church on Sunday mornings. He's won a couple of online contests with his work.

Favorite season of the year? 
Summer. He likes warm weather and being off school and going to the beach. 'Tis the season for pizza and ice-cream and staying up late. And every week during the summer the Van Alstynes have Friday movie nights, which Josh is quite fond of.

How old is he/she?

What does he/she do with his/her spare time? 
Plays video games. Reads science books. Mows the lawn. Builds model cars, but rarely finishes them. Is recently getting into designing video games.

What kind of music does he/she like?
Christian contemporary. Meredith Andrews, Hillsong, Andrew Peterson, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Casting Crowns.

Is he/she independent, or needs others to help out?
He needs other people. He's the baby of the family and likes other people to give him a pat on the back now and then. He's also an extrovert and needs society to recharge his batteries.

What is their favorite food?
Chocolate chip cookies. Macaroni and cheese. Hotdogs.

Can they cook?
Very little. Like, out of a box.

Do they believe in love at first sight?
He has never considered that question.

What do they like to wear?
Blue jeans. Loose blue jeans, relaxed fit. Button-up shirts, un-ironed and un-tucked. Sometimes he combs his hair--on Sunday mornings--when anyone notices. A black leather necklace with a cross on it.

What is their backstory and how does it affect them now?
Saved at 6. Grew up in a Christian family. So he knows what's right, and he doesn't like hanging out with the wrong crowd, or doing wrong things with his friends. Obviously being homeschooled he didn't have as much interaction with other kids, (wink) but he always had church and co-op. He had more time after school was over to video game and read science books, as well as developing his anime skills. Growing up with two sisters makes him pretty at ease and fearless around girls.

How do they show love? 
He'll give a compliment. A lot of times it's a back-handed and clumsy compliment, but he gives it to try to make people feel better about themselves.

Are they well-paid?
Josh has a lawn-mowing job in the summers and sometimes gets paid for amateur IT tech work, but
not a lot. Enough to save up for a better computer, buy himself a t-shirt now and then, and pick up video games when they release

How do they feel about people in general?
Folks are nice.

What do they think about when nothing else is going on?
"I wonder if there are any cookies?" "Maybe I should get this homework done." "I wish my family would be more relaxed." "Maybe I'll go see if I can beat my high score; after all, it won't take long. Then I'll do the homework."

What are his/her quirks?
He quirks an eyebrow when he smiles. He likes wearing a cross necklace now and then. He remembers all his family's birthdays, and gets excited about them. He sleeps without a pillow, which his parents say will give him neck trouble. He wears shoes around the house. He'll help take care of dishes without asking.
Josh turned the key and floored the gas pedal. The engine let off a vroom like the roar of the monster Grendel. David’s eyes magnified at least three times.
“When you step on the gas pedal you step very gently,” he said.
Josh tried again. Nearly finished the brake lines, and the minister's wife had a narrow escape, crossing the parking lot after the missionary luncheon. All in all a good day. Guardians a bit exhausted, though. Halion gave them free time to recover. 
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  1. Fun post--I like Josh. I think I sat behind him in a service a couple of time. I hope he doesn't get in the habit of excessive sun worshiping. :)

    The clip art is cute--especially the figure with the lawn mower. :)

    Happy 4th to the Van Alstynes!!

    1. Haha, Josh doesn't care about his tan, fortunately. :) I love his anime--and the lawn mower is cute!

      Thanks so much for commenting. I really enjoyed it. :)

  2. Wow, he sounds so real. A hodgepodge of good qualities and flaws and funny features. I think I wouldn't mind having him for a brother.

    I like how he feels about people in general: "Folks are nice." :)

    Can't wait to read it eventually!

    1. "He sounds real." That is the highest compliment you could have given. My desire with this story is that they would be real. ;)

      I love Josh. I love all of them for different reasons, but Josh and Brielle are especially vivid as I write.

  3. Josh is so much fun! :) I've loved seeing the snippets you've written about him. xD Keep up the writing so I can read more!! ;) :D

    1. I love his essay. :wasntme: Will hopefully have more to share with you today! :D


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