Thursday, November 5, 2015

Announcing The SEA Scribblers 2015 Short Story Contest!

A couple of very dear blogger friends and I have a surprise for you all! :D

Some of you are doing NaNo, but need a little something extra to keep you sane. Some of you writers couldn't join NaNo, because writing didn't work out schedule-wise. Some of you are in Bible Bee, and don't write during the month of November, but you wish you could join the fun.

Well, we'd like to offer a much more manageable writing treat that goes to the end of November and the first bit of December. It's open to everyone who loves stories whether you're doing NaNo or not.

The Challenge 
Choose one or all of the prompt photos on our blogs to incorporate into a short story, along with a winter or Christmas theme. Write a short story of 3,000 words or less, and send it in to seascribblerscontest[AT]gmail[DOT]com by December 12th, following the rules below.

That means you have over a month to get your creative thinking cap on!

The Prizes
1. First place winner will receive a paperback copy of The Art of War for Writers, by James Scott Bell and a digital copy of The Rakshasa's Bride, by Suzannah Rowntree.
2. Second place winner will receive a digital anthology of short stories by Annie, Emily, and Schuyler, as well as a bookmark.
3. Third place winner will receive a $10 giftcard to The Book Depository.

The Rules
1. All entries must be submitted to seascribblerscontest[at]gmail[dot]com by December 12, 2015, midnight EST. Files should be .doc files.
2. Entries should be no more than 3,000 words. There is no minimum word requirement. Entries must use one of the photo prompts provided, and contain a Christmas or winter theme.
3. Email subject line should read "Entry for 2015 SEA Scribblers Short Story Contest" and should not contain your story title.
4. Entries should be in Times New Roman, size 12 font.
5. Entries will be judged for creative use of the photo prompt, style, and grammar.
6. No language or explicit sex, please.
7. Judges for the contest are Annie Hawthorne, Emily Hayse, and Schuyler McConkey.
8. Winners will be notified by email and announced online on Saturday, December 19th.
9. The final entry will be posted on the judges' blogs. All stories remain the property of their owners, but may be used for promotional purposes in connection with the contest.
10. The Art of War for Writers will be shipped to contestants outside the US from The Book Depository. However, the bookmark will only be shipped to US entries, and if a person outside the US wins second place, a digital prize will be substituted.

The Prompt
Here's my photo prompt for you all:

For two more prompts (remember, you can use one or all, but be sure to incorporate a holiday or winter theme) go to The Herosinger and The Curious Wren.

We look forward to your entries, and can't wait to see what exciting things you come up with! :)

I'll be back tomorrow for another book review!


  1. Breaking my blogging break to say, oh my word! I'm so tempted to enter this contest! I think, if I work super hard with my studies, I might award myself and try to write something over one weekend and see if can submit it!

    Also the awards are fantastic! I think 2nd place winner would be the luckiest, just sayin' ;). Also it's so sweet that you three ladies are hosting this together. Hurrah, for the Sea Scribblers!

    1. Please, please do! Keep up the great work on the schoolwork Joy, and whenever you get discouraged, remember the SEA contest! We want your entry so much! :D

  2. Ack! This would be perfect for a nice short story using my NaNo characters! Because... masks and superheroes! I might even be able to work in Emily's wolf picture...

    1. This sounds awesome! We can't wait to see it! I kind of wish I could write a story myself. :P

  3. *SQUEAKS* THIS.IS.SO.EXCITING. And I already have ideas and music and things and happiness. ^_^ And that prompt. O_o #epic #ecstasy

  4. 2nd place prize. O_o If I wrote fiction, I'd be hoping for 2nd place. ;)

    1. Aww. I'm surprised how popular that one is! :D You should enter, m'dear. You should.

  5. :D How exciting, Schuyler! Nice prizes too :D

    1. You should try for first prize--you'd love The Rakshasa's Bride. ;)

  6. Oh, so very exciting!!! Times likes these make me wish I was a writer. :D I look forward to hearing what the winners are.

    Annie, over at Curious Wren's photo prompt is just breath taking. I can't look at it enough. :O

    Have fun with this, Schuyler! <3


    1. Well, it's open to anyone, so if you want to be a writer you can be! :D

      Aren't the prompts fun? If I let myself, I would be thinking up a whole ton of stories to enter too. :)

      Thank-you, dear!

  7. Hello! My name is Jordan J. and I am a fellow bibliophile. My books currently are threatening to outgrow two bookcases. This looks like an interesting contest & I hope to be able to submit an entry even though I write mostly historical nonfiction.

    Have a great day!


  8. Outgrowing two bookcases! I highly approve. We just bought bookcases for my brother's and my book collection this summer, and every time guests come over, I take them to see my shelves. It's like a tour stop for bibliophiles. :)

    How exciting! We can't wait to receive your entry! :D