Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Post-Travel Break

Friends, we just got back yesterday evening from a huge 2600 mile road trip. I think I'm going to take some much needed rest and refreshment today. But stay tuned on the blog, because we have exciting reviews coming up of Elisabeth Elliot's Let Me Be A Woman, and Patrick Carr's The Shock of Night, with many more to come!

If you've left a blog comment in this last week, I'm so sorry I couldn't get to it sooner due to travelling, but I have replied to them now. See you Friday! :)



  1. That picture is amazing. O_o Glad you're taking a break. ;) <3

    1. Thanks to Pixabay!

      I wrote over 3,000 words yesterday for a break. :wasntme: But I finished watching Little Dorrit before I started writing, so I guess I was a good girl. :angel:


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