Friday, February 26, 2016

Bibliophile Tabletalk: Elizabeth Newsom

Hi folks! I have a treat for you today, with a bookish interview with new book blogger Elizabeth Newsom. Elizabeth and I met at the American Christian Fiction Writers in Dallas, TX, (we didn't get a picture together! No!) and we've hit it off ever since. Just recently, Elizabeth started her own writing/book blog, and I invited her to My Lady Bibliophile to introduce her work to you all. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair for a cozy chat!

Schuyler: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hobbies? Family life? Ambitions for the future? 

Elizabeth: Well there's writing and reading, obviously. I also love gaga ball! If you've never played, it's the Israeli version of dodge ball. I'm also my family's party planner, since I'm extremely extroverted and love organizing games and events with people. Speaking of my family, there's seven of us, and I'm the oldest of five. As far as the future goes, there's Taylor university in Indiana. They have a professional writing major, where 100% of their students are published while in college, which is pretty incredible. Taylor is supposed to be the best university in the mid-west. It's also a Christian college, which is awesome. The only problem is that it's pretty far away, since my family lives in Texas, but I'm praying it'll work out. Aside from college, I know I'm going to be an author, hopefully get married sometime, and that's about it ;)

Schuyler: What can we expect to find over at your blog? 

Elizabeth: Mainly book reviews on clean romances. I personally love romance, and I know from experience how hard to can be to find something that's high-quality. Often times, it's either trashy or cliché. Those will be posted weekly. I'll also have polls, writing prompts you can participate in, some thought provoking articles, and writing tips.

Schuyler: You love to read! :) Who are some of your favorite authors? Is there a particular genre you enjoy most? 

Elizabeth: Kristen Heitzmann. Tamara Leigh. Nadine Brandes. Grace Walton. Marissa Meyer. Mary Lu Tyndall. Jenni James. I'd probably buy any books they published without looking. Kristen Heitzmann writes great historical and contemporary romances. Tamara Leigh also writes historical and contemporary romances. Her historicals are my favorite. Grace Walton, again, does historical and contemporary romance, and all of her books are on Kindle Unlimited. Marissa Meyer wrote the Lunar Chronicles, which are awesome! Mary Lu Tyndall writes pirate romances, and the new ones are stellar. Jenni James writes high school romances based off of Jane Austen's stories. And, as you can probably tell, my favorite genre is romance :D Nadine Brandes is the only one I named who doesn't write specifically romance, but she has written a great dystopian series with a thread of romance. 

Schuyler: If you had a completely free day, what would you do with it? Where would you go? 

Elizabeth: Oh! A completely free day... Such a nice thought ;) Well, I'd spend time with friends, maybe at a dancing party. I love dancing! Any any activity can be twice as fun when you add friends into the mix. If my friends weren't available, I'd probably be curled up somewhere with a good romance.
Schuyler: I know you like to write! Where do you hope to see your writing career five years from now? 

Elizabeth: Ideally, I'd have an agent at that time and at least one published book. Around that time, I'd hope to be in Taylor University, as I mentioned earlier.

Schuyler: How does your relationship with God affect your writing? 

Elizabeth: Excellent question. I've found that when I try to write by myself and just write to get it done, my creativity, joy, and inspiration evaporate. He's the source of everything good in my story--the message of faith, the plot twists, characters. I'm trying to do better at creating with God instead of apart from Him, since that obviously doesn't work.

Schuyler: If you could use one word to describe your personality, what would it be and why?

Elizabeth: My word for myself would be: parakleo. It's Greek, meaning to encourage, to instruct, etc. A huge life goal of mine is to help others, to instruct and encourage them. My perception of myself is obviously different than everyone else's, so I got my family's opinion on this question.

Dad: Elegant
Mom: Ferocious
Older brother: Determined
Younger brother: Productive
Older sister: Awesome
Younger sister: Cool

  Schuyler: Aren't those words awesome, folks? Head on over to for all sorts of writerly and readerly fun. Thanks for coming on today, Elizabeth!

About Elizabeth
Elizabeth Newsom is a romance writer, who manages to find time in between school assignments to work on her novel. Her love of romance is evident on her blog,, where she posts weekly book reviews on clean romances along with writing tips and spiritual insights. Elizabeth finds it strange and Gollum-like to speak about herself in third person, but does so when necessary, such as in her bio at the end of a guest post.

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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog, Schuyler! I enjoyed the interview :)

  2. Fun interview! Elizabeth, as one who went to Taylor University, it is AWESOME! I loved my time there. It's a great education and the English professors are fantastic (all the professors are fantastic, actually... but I was an English Ed major so I have a special fondness for the English program). I went there before TU and Taylor Ft. Wayne merged, but I have heard SO many good things about the Creative Writing program Taylor Ft Wayne had - which moved to TU when the campuses merged. May the Lord bless you in your future plans and all your writing endeavors!

    1. Yay! That's so encouraging to hear :) Thank you so much, Jenelle!


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