Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Bridezilla of Christ, by Ted Kluck & Ronnie Martin

Coming next Tuesday, one book that every Christian should buy.

The Book 

Sometimes, Church Hurts

The Church, the Bride of Christ. That description conjures up images of radiant white bride, eyes sparkling with peace and harmony, right? Maybe that’s why it’s such a gut-punch when that Bride behaves more like a grade school bully or a hot tempered drill sergeant.

What do you do with that reality, a reality that sometime hurts? Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin aren’t interested in 140 characters of tweetable comfort. They’d rather share their own stories of being both the wounded and the wounder.  Plus they offer practical, yes-you-can-do-this steps to moving forward in those times not if, but when the Church hurts. 

Bride(zilla) of Christ is a verbal I.V. dripping with the mercy found only in Christ. Though you’ve been wronged, or perhaps wronged another, there is cause for great hope. The hurt is not the deepest thing. Grace is deeper still.

My Thoughts
Probably reading that description conjured up times you've been hurt by others...or hurt others yourself. I once heard Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth say, we all take turns being the oppressor and being oppressed. In the complication of being hurt by believers, we can often occupy both positions at once. 

I think this is an important book. I've never read one like it thus far, addressing the issue of Christians hurting Christians. It's a prevalent issue, one that's swept under the rug. It's also one I've been learning about this year--the humility that giving and receiving forgiveness with fellow believers requires. Thus, I think it's a timely book. Whether it's a family member, a fellow church attendee, a friend, or even a leader in the national Church that you feel has let you down, this book gives much insight, challenge, and healing. 

It's not a sugary comfort book. It confronts you with your own sin in the process. If you haven't forgiven someone, it may be because you aren't understanding the Gospel yourself. Christ died for our unity. He suffered the anguish of the wrath of the Father so that we might be one body. We shouldn't cast aside that unity in anger, even with those who have wronged us. 

Forgiveness comes down to our understanding of the Gospel. If we cultivate an entitled spirit, then we're going to have a hard time with the unselfish service that forgiveness requires. We're going to think people owe us apologies and perfect behavior, when as Kluck and Martin say, all we are owed is the wrath of the Father. 

This book delves deep into Gospel, unity, and the darkness of an unforgiving heart. While offering comfort and understanding to the offended and the wounded, neither author leaves you in a shell of hurt. That's not where any Christian is supposed to stay. 

While sometimes Kluck's chapters seem to wander into side points and marginal rabbit trails, the book itself and the issues it addresses are vital ones. Christians are fellow sinners and are going to hurt me sometimes. I am a sinner too, and I am going to hurt them. Only in the cycle of repentance, forgiveness, and clinging to the Gospel can we maintain the unity that most glorifies our Lord. Being a bridezilla this side of the fall shouldn't take us by surprise. But we don't have to be at the mercy of our sin anymore, thanks to the sacrifice of our Savior. 

More info, including first chapter sneak-peek. 

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my honest review. 


  1. This sounds like a great book, Schuyler, and quite timely. To be honest, as I was reading the synopsis you shared, I gulped a little, because only a few weeks ago, I had been struggling to overcome a deep rejection/hurt I felt from certain people at our Coptic church, and seeking God for how to forgive and to carry on showing love and ministering to them in a tricky situation that made me quite grieved and almost embittered. Because many of them are not even truly born-again believers, though they are confessing Christians, and it is such a struggle to navigate the elements of that, and sharing Christ's love to them. I'm still praying and asking God to help me through it!

    But even as believers, as the Body of Christ, we hurt one another daily and act in ways that must grieve the Holy Spirit deeply. How patient is our Lord! How long-suffering, when we are so easy to take offence and be proud in our own dirty self-righteousness! Sometimes I read John 17 and weep to think of the glorious prayer of Christ, and think of Jesus' desire that we'd all be One in unity as He is - the Lord Jesus is actually praying this for His Church!

    He has bought us with His blood, sinners that we are, He has purchased us and redeemed us. How truly we need to humble ourselves and offer our brothers forgiveness. . . Thank you for sharing, Schuyler! I'll have to look this book up :).

    1. It's a hard, hard subject. I'm so sorry for the pain you've experienced even in your church--truly, it's only by prayer and asking God's help that we can be ENABLED to show that sacrificial love that he wants us to have.

      God is so good to us. We should be so good to his people in his Name--even when sometimes they aren't good to us, too. I hope this book can encourage you, dear friend. <3


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