Friday, September 9, 2016

In Which Jaeryn Graham Has a Birthday

Jaeryn Graham is a 28-year-old Irish doctor in my novel, War of Loyalties. A WW1 spy for the British homefront, he seems to be an enigmatic fellow who has a few secrets to keep. Check out interviews and snippets here to get introduced to him! 

Jaeryn is having a happy birthday today. There was tea for breakfast. I have a cake for him in the oven. A chocolate cake. Writing time is scheduled for later, with kicking off War of Honor draft two. He'll get the first editing scene in honor of his birthday. Who could ask for more? 

And YOU all have sent in some terrific questions for him to answer, so without further ado, I'll turn it over to him! :)

I make no guarantees for his behavior and will not stand pledge for his personal veracity.  

Whose side are you on? 
Neither for you, nor for your enemies, but as a rebel in the army of justice I have now come. 

Jaeyrn, what is your favourite treat? 
A chocolate bar. I find them rarely during the war, and should get Terry to scrounge around for me.

Do you have a favourite smell? 
Irish stew. 

I am also curious about your beliefs regarding war.
In principle, I believe war can accomplish a good and necessary purpose. In practice, I would do it, but I find the loss of comrades and the suffering of women and children a sobering price to pay for victory.

What is your go-to outfit for every-day life, and how do you look on special occasions? 
Everyday life: grey suit and tie and a bowler hat. Very relaxed occasions: a newsboy cap and Aran jumper. Special occasions: a black suit. 

Do you have a sweetheart at all?
No. Nor do I wish to have one. They pry into private concerns, and they want most of your time.

As a medical man, what's your opinion on miracles? 
I don't believe in modern day ones. Our current justice system would kill any miracle before its birth. I believe in working hard, taking risks, and finding men to bend to your purpose in a moment of crisis. 

What's your relationship with Ben like? 
Ha. As soon as he quits being so suspicious, we should be fine. 

Is there a moment in your life of which you feel very proud? 
Two: one when I got my inheritance, and the other when I set up office in my first practice. 

What was the hardest moment in your life?
College exams are beastly.

Are you a religious man?
Yes. I go to Tontine Congregational Church on Sunday mornings, unless I'm trading off emergency medical calls with Ben.

Would you rather have a pink dragon or a sparkly unicorn?
I would RATHER have vengeance on whoever asked this question, but in theory I'll go with the unicorn, as it would be an obedient personal companion.

If you could go back to any point in time in history, what would be your first choice, and why?
I would like to be Finn MacCool leading a band of men in ancient Ireland, or Warwick the Kingmaker in Britain in the time of the 1400s. Both men had power to lead and change the course of history, and I like to change history.

Do you like reading books? Which ones, and when/where/how would you read them?
I hate reading, and avoid it all all costs if I can help it. The only books I would read are medical reference books, and I would read them in the clinic or in my living-room before bed to handle a case for the next day.

Childhood best friend?
I don't put much stock in friends, something might happen to them. Best to keep independent.

Who is your role model?
A man I knew growing up. He dreamed of better days, and he taught me the meaning of patriotism.
How much money do you really have?
In my opinion, questions about personal finances are prying into private concerns.
What's your preferred mode of execution?
Firing squad would be preferred, but I hate getting up early, so please schedule it for later in the day.
What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done? (PLEASE answer this, buddy!)
Dancing with an extrovert woman on a spy mission. Never again. 

Do you want kids, and if so, how many? 
At least one, preferably a son to carry on my name.

Have you ever been to the place in Ireland in the picture? 
As an agent, it's not really wise to say where I've been or haven't been.
Recount the time in your life that you were the most scared.
WHO put you up to asking this question? I had a very bad incident in my earlier twenties with a locked room and a cellar and a dead body. I prefer not to remember it.

What are your true intentions towards the young doctor who is helping in your practice? 
Who can fathom the heart of a man? It is deep waters.
What was your mother like? 
Better than I deserved. I loved  her very much.
If you played board games, what would be your favorite? 
Anything with an element of risk and strategy to it. The Dorrolls seem to keep chess around, and I don't mind playing it with Terry now and and again. 

Are you a good singer? Could you carry tenor or bass? Would you sing in public with friends?

Schuyler: srsly, this is an awesome question. I've NEVER thought about that before. 

I know how to play music, and I can sing. I would sing with friends in public, I don't really mind it, but I would never sing in the presence of my enemies. I couldn't sing well enough to have a career in it, but I can carry a decent tune in baritone.

Are you currently loyal to Britain, Ireland, or Germany? ...remember, Jaeryn, you promised to answer any question! ;) 
I have been a dedicated British agent for 7 years, and I let my track record speak for itself.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be one thing that you would insist on bringing with you?
My tea.
Who is your favorite person on earth?
Someone who I would give my life for, and if I know you well enough, I'll let you meet them someday.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you trust Ben?
10. I can read him like a book.

Do you prefer mountains and hills, or more prairie land?
Mountains and hills. They offer places to hide away in, and you can't hide in prairie land.  
Would you rather spend a day by the Sea or in a large city?
By the sea.
Do you dance?
Only if dying is the other option.

When it comes to transportation, do you prefer horse, automobile, or your own two legs?
Automobile, for speed. But I like the dependability of my own two legs, too.

What colleague do you despise the most? Like the most? Tolerate the most?
Ann Meikle. Peters. Samuel Ryson.

Have you ever accepted a bribe? In any form besides money?
Yes. I've struck a couple of deals I'm not entirely proud of for a good cause.  

What normal task makes you nervous/sweat the most? 
I dislike giving shots. I'm good at them, and I can do it fine, but it has its challenges. Also coding with secret ink is something that I really hate. It's the hardest part of my work, and I'm always afraid the end result won't be legible, which in time-sensitive messages is nerve-wracking. 

What is the worst meal you've had to eat?
Shortbread. Don't ask. 

How did you break your fingers? 
Did I? How odd, they seem to be working fine currently. 

Jaeryn thanks you all most kindly for the questions, and invites you for tea and cake in the evening. He himself must be off to a private meeting with colleagues, but he says it was most kind of you to come, and he is grateful for everyone who made his birthday extra special! :) 


  1. Jaeryn, you sounds like a fascinating character! I really would love to get to know you. Happy Birthday!! :D

    ps. Tea and cake? I'll be there. :)

    1. I'm most flattered, Miss Natalie. Much obliged!

  2. A very happy birthday to Jaeryn! I think he's going to be my favorite.
    And I think I'll avoid going to him for medical help if he still seeks vengeance for that question. *innocent face*

    1. I'd go to Ben if I were you. The pink dragon might just have tipped the scales. :wasntme: :D

  3. Jaeryn: BUT SHORTBREAD IS SO GOOD. Also, you must not know your, uh, body very well if you don't know your own fingers are broken.

    1. If you knew the backstory....seriously, I was quite shocked he had never told me before. :P

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAERYN. (I enjoyed your chocolate cake. ;) And thank-you for answering my questions. XDD

    1. Thank-you, Miss M. You're a rascal, but not half-bad yesterday.

  5. What a perfectly delightful post! I do believe I'll go get myself some tea now.
    #feelingveryBritish :P

  6. I like Jaeryn's answers. Very interesting. And the questions! Wow! Some impressive questions! :) Happy super late birthday, Jaeryn! Sorry!


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