Friday, November 4, 2016

10 Politicians I Would Invite to a Round Table Discussion

I don't know about you, but I've heard about a little election that's ongoing right now. While I don't comment online about it, and only briefly in face-to-face settings, I have noticed that it's seemed to create a certain amount of turmoil.

While some people are satisfied with our current selection of prospective presidents, I've heard many others who are deeply disturbed at what either one could bring to America's future. I'm not here to comment on parties today--but I did think it would be fun, during the political season, to create a round table discussion linkup for 10 politicians from literature and history I would like to hang out with.

If I were running America for an evening, then a round table discussion with these politicians and rulers would be absolutely my cup of tea.

High King Peter 
A resourceful and noble young man, with a heart committed to Aslan, he would offer excellent advice about just ruling, not to mention an example of a noble private life as track record.

Alan Evesham 
(This is cheating, because I wrote Alan Evesham as a government official in my latest War of Honor novel.  But it counts because it's literature. If random write-in votes were actually valid, I might be tempted to put his name down.) Alan Evesham's perspective would bring a refreshing sense of honesty and integrity, as well as expert knowledge on how to investigate corrupt government officials.

he's so nice, i wish he was real. 

Prince Albert
With our need for a concrete government plan, Prince Albert would be excellent at casting the vision for arts and sciences, improving current political functions, and making sure the executive orders and vetos didn't encroach on the will of the other government branches.

We don't need Warwick for any government functions. He's a slightly two-edged tool to have about us, because he's a little heavy on personal advancement. But he would be useful on the campaign field and could take care of any private alliances or negotiations for whatever candidate we chose to put forth.

clearly, Schuyler, you are leaning in a British direction. should you be realizing something? 

Prince Caspian
Well trained, born for the position of ruling, and with a heart untainted by greed, he could give excellent strategies for a last minute campaign that would mobilize fringe supporters and turn the tables on large party establishments.

King Arthur
A legendary ruler who can inspire his followers to standards of honor, dignity, integrity, and the right treatment of women.

William Wilberforce 
Whose rhetoric would win the hearts of men, sway voters, expose injustice and unwise government policies, and would definitely be the MC for the round table discussion.

To represent local officials with smaller offices, I would recommend:

Prince Imrahil
A forgotten and underestimated ruler in the Middle Earth kingdom, he was faithful in the midst of hard circumstances, conducted himself with honor, and knew who to obey and when. He would make an excellent state governor, though he would deserve a much higher position than that.

Hugh Beringar
A sense of justice, an ability to conduct himself respectfully with higher men, and the strength to be faithful in small and great duties alike, he would watch over the needs of his community in the midst of national turmoil.

Father Stanton
For his views on beauty, individual property, Christian office, and education, he would be invaluable. He would be excellent on the board of education, or in any local position you chose to put him in.

King Tirian would also be an excellent choice, if only we had room. Clearly, C.S. Lewis knew how to write a ruler. If only America knew how to educate and elect them.

Who would run your national government? Your local government? Who would run your campaigns, or donate to them? Join the link-up fun with your literary choices for a political round table discussion!

(Let's keep it fun in the comments, m'kay? *high five*) 


  1. This looks so awesome! I'm not blogging atm (today was my last post until after Nats), but I'll have to do it sometime. So looking forward to seeing you and CG and your mom in a couple of weeks!

  2. Schuyler, this is the nicest political thing I've read in a long, long, long time. :)
    A great bunch of fellows. I highly approve of the inclusion of Alan Evesham. And I think there are plenty of sensible people at your round table to keep dear Warwick in his place.
    Thank you for bring a smile (a few, actually) to my face!


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