Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meet the Characters in War of Loyalties

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We just hit 10% on Kickstarter yesterday, and I am so excited at the encouragement and blessing you all have been pouring into this project. I can't wait until War of Loyalties hits online "shelves" later this year. I'm trying to raise funds to make that happen, and there are some cool rewards for helping with this project. Would you consider chipping in $35 today for a chance to reserve a paperback and ebook copy of War of Loyalties this fall? It's going to be exciting, chock-full of fun characters, and I hope, well worth the price of the novel. 

War of Loyalties is a spy novel, but it's not the traditional slim, fast-paced thriller. It's my chunky, big Dickensian novel, full of character interaction and a look at how agents working together affected each other's lives on big and small levels. The story gradually looks at how spying gets tricky when love and family and colleagues are involved, and how friendship and family can stand the strain of spying and warfare (or not, depending on the case). Dickens has always been my favorite author, and this book tries to imitate the mastery of his storytelling. 

Today, I wanted to give you brief introductions to each of the characters. 

[FYI, the words "spy" and "agent" mean pretty much the same thing in this post: someone who's working undercover for Britain or Germany to collect secret information.]

/Ben Dorroll/ 
A man of few words and much duty, who resigns his position at a medical practice in order to become a new spy recruit. Loves it best when he's helping patients in Jaeryn Graham's clinic. Reluctant spy in a world where his family's fractured life is threatened with exposure. Finds ways to fulfill his longing for home and family in spite of living in the country that ripped away his childhood hopes.

/Jaeryn Graham/
An Irishman of much passion and a generous heart. An experienced doctor and civilian spy, who seems to have a knack for making enemies of his colleagues. Has a fondness for tea. Mentor of an unwilling new spy recruit. Suspected of being involved in the 1916 Irish rebellion. 

/Terry O'Sean/ 
A man of many smiles and much happiness. Has a secret job, and in spite of his chattiness, manages not to tell anyone about it. Known for being involved in the 1916 Irish Rebellion. Has a penchant for dropping in unexpectedly at a friend's house and making himself at home. Loves Acushla.

/Pearlie Dorroll/
 A twenty-year-old young woman uprooted from America and sent with her brother Ben to England because she is Not Wanted. Has never met her father. Finds holding babies and making cherry tarts to be of some consolation, especially when in company with her best friend, Alisa. Has no objection to being called Acushla. 

18-year-old tiny woman. Expecting her first son when the Dorrolls arrive in England. Has a husband in France who suffers from gas burns and shell shock. Has much love and friendship to give, as a well as a cozy parlor to shelter the Dorrolls from spies and prying Irishmen. 

/Charlotte Dorroll/  
Married to Ben Dorroll for the last two years. Has an admirable combination of wisdom, kindness, and nursing skills. Wishes her husband would realize he isn't the only one to give up dreams in order to become a spy in England. Related her strange British cousins, the King family. 

/Colonel King/ 
A man of much useful experience, suspected of knowing something about the German activity in Folkestone. The finest host of Folkestone, and the long-time rival of a dying member of Parliament. The Dorroll's landlord. Doesn't like to be given parenting advice by young doctors. Possibly trying to kill his son.

/Starlin King/ 
A boy of much intelligence and little common sense. Cherishes the hope of getting his own motorcar and running away to enlist. Considers his Stradivarius the only good thing in his life. His father, Colonel King, has plans for him to go to Cambridge and enter the political realm. 

A free agent able to acquire much Useful Knowledge in the spy world--for a price. Is willing to be hired for his ability to collect private and personal information. Has a fondness for fancy dress, French cuffs, and a foamy pint at the Brewery Tap (a real location!) 

/Samuel Ryson/ 
A British official in MI-5, known for strictness and an iron hand of justice. Prizes years of loyalty and hard work among his agents. Isn't fond of the idea of hiring an untried agent, but Ben's father is influential, so he agrees for friendship's sake. Lives in London. 

/Alan Evesham/ 
Head official in MI-6. Knows the value of a deserved word of praise bestowed at the right moment. Keeping a keen eye on the Irish rebellion and any rebels who might be working for it undercover. 

/Ann Meikle/ 
The Scottish postmistress of Folkestone, with a maddening ability to hide information and a skilled hand for forgery. Seems to have a running feud with Jaeryn Graham. 

There you have it! A brief introduction of the key players who are involved in this drama of an Irish spy ring. Which of these characters would you like to know more about in future blog posts? 

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  1. I love the fact that you've got a protagonist who's married. There is a severe shortage of books with good married couples in them!

    Colonel King's biographical sketch also greatly amuses me. :)

    1. Elisabeth, that was one of my favorite things when I was working on this--trying something outside the box. Ben and Charlotte are the dearest of couples, and face things together.

      Hehe, that was a fun sentence to end on for him!

  2. Reading about these characters is only making me so much more excited for this book, Schuyler! (!!!!!!) :D

  3. How we've waited for this day for years, Schuyler *feels overwhelmed with joy and excitement and a wee bit of emotions*!!! Aww, I just love your characters (I think you know that ;). As Elisabeth has pointed out, not many novels now-a-days include protagonists who are already married, and I think that that is great that you're dealing with a marriage relationship, rather than simply a courtship one!! ^_^ (I know a young friend of mine who is on the look out for more stories dealing with married couples, actually so I must def. recommend your novel to her when it comes out ;).

    I do love the sound of all the characters, and the way you've presented them sounds AWESOME!!!! ^_^

    Also some of the characters mentioned, like the King family are totally new to me, and seem so fascinating! They actually sound quite Dickensian which makes me so happy, but also I can see the little historical details even in your biographical sketches which shows how seeped in the period you've been through this project!!

    1. *dances with excitement at a dream coming true* You have encouraged me so much along the way, dear Joy! I wanted War of Loyalties to be a non-romance historical, so I decided to marry them off (though it wasn't always that way in the earlier drafts), and worked from there. It feels so natural for them, and actually, a wife is something Ben really needs, so it helps with his development hugely as he has to face things with a loyal companion by his side. I hope you enjoy them, I think Charlotte will be someone you really enjoy, perhaps? <3

      Love to you, dear!

  4. Wow, this sounds like quite the story! Love the mini sketches! Also would like to hear more about Ann Meikle. She seems to be delightfully mysterious.

    1. Yay! I hope they prove as interesting as they sound. Ah, yes, Ann Meikle is a lady full of strange and mysterious talents. I will add her to this list of character profiles that we can do in days ahead! :)

  5. I am so tickled by this post! Starlin with "much intelligence and little common sense," Mrs. Meikle with her "maddening abilities," and Pearlie who is "Not Wanted."
    *sheds a tear*

    What a wonderful motley crew.

    1. <3 <3 Starlin, bless his heart, ranks up with Terry in Easiest to Write. I have no idea why. But he will always have a place in my heart because of that.

  6. Aaah, how are you so good at character descriptions?! I want to read this book 100x more now! It sounds so twisty and interesting :D I'm really loving the sound of all the characters :)

    1. Thank-you so much, Abigayle!! I hope you enjoy them even more in full. <3

  7. These characters have me REALLY interested! Especially Colonel King. I mean, who would want to kill their son?! We'll see why......! :)

    1. Mystery abounds.... :D :D (I think I would be on my guard around Colonel King!)


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