Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet Jaeryn, Terry, and Charlotte...

Welcome, welcome, folks, to the War of Loyalties character interview! We’ve PASSED 4K on Kickstarter, and we went over the 75% mark yesterday!! Yippee!! We have less than 1K to go, which is a HUGE milestone! I am so grateful for the Lord's provision, for his tender mercy and peace throughout this process. I truly feel like he is leading and providing. I'm so thankful for willing hands and hearts who have prayed, spread the word, and given--without you, none of this would be possible, and I am so grateful for all the support.

Charlotte, Jaeryn, and Terry received the highest votes yesterday for a character interview. I thought this might be a bit awkward at first, but then I realize the three of them actually do have a scene together in the story, and since Jaeryn and Terry are good friends, and Charlotte can hold her own with anyone, I think they’ll get along quite well.

This interview will be conversation style, so I’ll delay no longer. Sit back and enjoy!

1.       What’s your profession? Do you like it? How long have you had it?
Terry: Ladies first, Mrs. Doc.
Charlotte: I’m a nurse—that is, until I married, and now I volunteer at the Folkestone Maternity Homes. I like the work. I’ve never wanted to do anything different—though I did like being a nurse in America better than coming to Folkestone where the future is so uncertain.
Jaeryn: Doctor for two years. Agent for seven years. I wouldn’t trade either profession for a sultan’s fortune. This is what I want to excel at.
Terry: I’m kind of a professional world wanderer, if that’s a thing.
Jaeryn: If it makes you money, it’s a thing.

2.       What’s your role in this story?
Jaeryn: Holding the world together.
Charlotte: My world spins just the same without you in it, sir.
Jaeryn: Some people prefer to think that, but I think they’d be hard-pressed if I wasn’t around.
Charlotte: Anyway. I’m moral support, and assistant at the clinic where Ben and Jaeryn work together.
Terry: So in other words, Jaeryn holds the world together, and you help him hold his clinic together.
Charlotte *beaming smile*: Exactly.
Jaeryn: I’m a doctor for part of Folkestone, an agent for the British Secret Service, and responsible for managing all the agents in Folkestone. So far, none of them have taken too kindly to managing, but we’ll make it.
Terry: Well, I don’t mind you managing me, doc.
Charlotte: What’s your role in this story, Terry?
Terry: Well—you know—being a friend mostly, and holding people’s heads together, and getting into trouble sometimes.
Charlotte: But, I mean, more specifically.
Jaeryn *hastily*: I think we should go on to the next question.

3.       Are you married? Happily, or unhappily? If you’re single, do you want to be?
Charlotte: I am happily married, and I like that so much. I could have stayed behind in America, but I’d rather be together with my husband than alone at home where it’s safer.
Jaeryn: I am happily single. It gives me more mental space to focus on my work.
Terry: I am unhappily single. But that’s going to change one of these days. I mean, how can anyone be happily single?
Jaeryn: You were happily single for a long time until the right girl showed up.

4.       What are you most afraid of?
Jaeryn: I am most afraid of—I am most afraid of losing people under my supervision in the work. It happens more often than I like, from people changing sides, and agents being killed in the line of duty. I try to keep the good ones safe and together.
Terry: I don’t know if that’s what you’re most afraid of, doc.
Jaeryn: Yes. Yes, it is. Charlotte?
Charlotte: I don’t think it’s the sort of thing a married woman confides in two men who aren’t her husband. Especially since I haven’t even told my husband about it.
Jaeryn: Fair enough. We won’t pry. Terry, the question for you is, what should you be afraid of that you aren’t?
Terry: The only thing you have to fear is fear itself, doc. And I don’t fear that, so I guess there’s not much to worry about.
Jaeryn: I’m not sure about the line of reasoning there.

5.       What’s your ideal vacation, after this story is over?
Charlotte: Home. To see my parents, and give them a hug, and tell them the truth about what we’ve been up to. Only, I don’t think I’ll be able to tell them the whole truth since it’s involved with secret intelligence, which is sad.
Jaeryn: *secret smile*
Terry: I’d go home, too, to see my mum. She hasn’t seen me in a while. I care about her a lot, I just keep tumbling into things that take a while to get out of, you know? And handwritten letters take such a long to write.
Jaeryn: You should get your girl to write them for you.

Terry: Now that’s a grand idea.

Thank you SO much for helping us get to this point, everyone! I am so grateful for you all! We're having a Facebook Live video at 10:30am EST on Friday, no matter what happens with the Kickstarter, to celebrate and debrief about what happens next. Feel free to bring any questions you might have so I can answer them! Also, the video should be archived so you can view it afterward, (as long as all the technology works out). It will all be happening at my author page: and I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. I love how these characters interact with one another! Great fun!

    1. They are so fun! I'll have to do some other combinations for later promotions this fall! Starlin and Fenton ought to be in there somewhere.

  2. Aww, I love these people! Group interviews are the best, because the back-and-forth gets so funny.
    "Jaeryn holds the world together, and you help him hold his clinic together."
    "I am unhappily single. But that’s going to change one of these days. I mean, how can anyone be happily single?"
    "I’m not sure about the line of reasoning there..."
    Hilarious! XD

    1. That first line you mentioned made me chuckle, too!

      I think I started an interview once with Starlin and Fenton and Mrs. Meikle--I should dig that out for future blog posts. :)

    2. Oh my, yes. That sounds smashing. :D

  3. Group interviews are so fun!! Love it!

    1. They really are. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Gloria! Thanks so much for commenting! :D


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