Friday, July 21, 2017

The Book Review Programs I'm Part Of

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If you've been around My Lady Bibliophile for any length of time, you know that I sometimes review books that I receive from publishers. I found some of these programs through blog posts on the interweb, and because that was so helpful for me, it might be helpful for some of you as well.

Book review books are really special. They're completely free and can be in ebook or print copies, though many programs are really generous and give you a choice of which format you prefer most. Keeps all the bibliophiles happy. ;)

Many of them let you choose books at your own pace. For instance, if you get a monthly newsletter of options to choose from, you don't have to choose a book from every list--if nothing piques my interest, I'm free to pass by until next time. I generally have to read the book in somewhere between 30 or 60 days, and post an honest review to my blog and an online retailer site (like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). I also generally post it to Goodreads because I like Goodreads and I like posting there.

Here are the programs I'm in currently:

Waterbrook Multnomah--Blogging for Books 
I've gotten books like Walking on Water and Chuck Black's Cloak of the Light from this group. This blogging program has several publishing groups (Christian, Catholic, and maybe secular, I'm not sure?) linked together, so lots of times I just go straight to the "Faith" tab and work from there, since that's what I'm most likely to be interested in. They also have books by Jody Hedlund and other well-loved authors to choose from. Waterbrook has selections posted on an online website that you can select from.

Bethany House Blogger Review Program
Who wouldn't love choosing from Bethany House? Patrick Carr, my favorite modern fantasy author, comes from there, as well as books by Michael Phillips, Kate Breslin, and my newest choice, Roseanna White's A Name Unknown. They also have nonfiction selections to choose from. Bethany House titles can be chosen from monthly email newsletters.

Moody Newsroom 
Moody has great titles as well--I've really enjoyed 20 Things We'd Tell Our Twentysomething Selves, by Peter and Kelli Worrall, and Adorned, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Moody has a website and a newsletter, and so many solid, biblical titles.

BookLook Bloggers
I love BookLook Bloggers as well. BookLook bloggers is the program for Thomas Nelson, Zondervan, and Westbow Press, the self-publishing arm of Thomas Nelson. I've gotten so many great titles from them like No More Faking Fine and Uninvited, and I'm always excited to peek around their choices.

Tyndale Blog Network
While I've only requested a couple of books from Tyndale so far, I am really excited about the original, beautiful qualty of Christian fiction I've seen from their shelves lately (June Bug by Chris Fabry and Where Treasure Hides, by Johnnie Alexander, both of which we found at used book sales). So far I've enjoyed Tracy Groot's The Maggie Bright from Tyndale's blogger program, and I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out for more of their books.

It's really easy to sign up for these programs--all you have to do is fill out an application and send it in for approval. I'm a US blogger, so I'm sure international readership may make a difference with availability, especially of print copies. But it's worth looking into!

Pro tip: It's so easy to forget which day I received a book on, and that leaves me scrambling around for emails of shipping notices and taking a wild guess. One thing I did with my latest book, which I'm hoping to do with others, is to jot down the date I received the book in the front cover, and then I'll know without a doubt. Saves stress. ;)

Have I missed any? Are there other programs I should sign up for? Are there any you'd like to try out from this list? Have a great weekend, and happy reading! :D


  1. YES this post was so helpful! I always wondered exactly how reviewing for corporations worked :D I really don't do a whole lot of reviews on my blog, but out of all of these, I think Bethany House appeals to me most. I may have to give it a try sometime! Thanks so much for this post, Schuyler :)

  2. Another program is


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