Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Book Cake Tag

I'm back! I'm alive! (One cold later, with a conference trip combined.) 

Last week was a week of decadence, spiritually speaking and edibly speaking. On Thursday we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory with friends for the first time ever, and great was the rejoicing thereof. The cheesecake was rich--the whipped cream was piled high in the most elegant swirls--and the restaurant itself was ritzy. After eating that, we meandered further on to a coffee shop for a confab with more friends, and I tried a London Fog from Starbucks. 

You know when you want to try something and you anticipate it and savor it in your head, and then you go in for that first sip? 

It was everything I imagined it to be. It was this song put to drink form, and so, so perfect for story inspiration. 

We listened to some amazing teaching on speaking truth in our heart, went for French fry runs after ten at night, and stopped at a pizza place that looked a little suspicious (perfect for story atmosphere) on the way home. It's one of those weeks that you savor in memory.

And then when we got back from the conference, I saw one of my favorite modern singers in concert--and that experience was everything I hoped it would be. Having an active imagination means that joys and sorrows are heightened, and sometimes, when you look forward to something, the flies gather over the ointment, leaving you rather disappointed on the whole. But that really didn't happen last week, and I'm so grateful for that--I can hold the memories golden, looking back and saying "Remember when? Yeah, that was good." 

Enough meanderings. I'm going to ease in today with the book cake tag, compliments of Jennifer Frietag over at The Penslayer, Cait at Paper Fury, and Elisabeth Grace Foley over at The Second Sentence! This looks super fun. :D 

(a dark book you loved)
 I don't think I'm really the one to answer this question. I like probably more elements of dark in my book, so it might take more dark for me to realize it's dark? I don't know. But Patrick Carr's The Shock of Night fits into dark really well. It has a grittier cast with some pretty intense mind-reading abilities. 

(a light read)
Old Friends and New Fancies is the perfect, fluffy, Austen-inspired read. I had so much fun reading that in the sleepy time of a Saturday morning when you've stayed up late and you don't want to move anywhere too fast. 

(mixed emotions)
The Brethren, by H. Rider Haggard, came up in conversation recently and that really gives me mixed emotions. Because Haggard made a really gutsy decision that fit with the story, but I really, really hate the decision he made. It was well done, but hateable. :P 

(recommend to anyone)
L.M. Montgomery. Dickens has a different flavor, and I almost put Rosemary Sutcliff, but L.M. Montgomery’s books embody beautiful writing, universal themes, a good size novel without being too long, and stories that ripen to an even better flavor over time. Anne of Green Gables and Jane of Lantern Hill are always good ones to start with. (This was a total cheat answer, I know.) 

(started but never finished)
To echo Elisabeth Grace Foley’s protest, who never finishes coffee cake? It always gets eaten at our house, especially with streusel topping. But, I suppose, a book I never finished was Les Miserables. I started quite a bit, but I didn’t like his worldview (though to be fair I love some of the musical songs), so I passed it by. I honestly like the story through shorter means just as much, and can enjoy my favorite parts that way. 

(left you wanting more)
Tracy Groot's The Maggie Bright. It left me wanting anything she's ever written as an author, it was that good. While the book was a stand-alone, I loved her writing style, her historical atmosphere, and the whole story, and can't wait to keep following her career. If you've seen Dunkirk recently, you'll love this book! 

(4+ book series)
The Cadfael mysteries, by Ellis Peters. While they have some language I don't like, they are like cupcakes--short and deliciously consumable. You can read them quickly, and they're like a really good cupcake--they don't leave you disappointed in the flavor and texture.

(not what you expected)
I actually don't mind fruitcake! And I have no idea for this? I guess Peter Pan didn't hit me in the way I was expecting the first time I read it, which made me really sad, because I was expecting magical feels-inducing things that would take me by surprise, and somehow I just didn't feel those things for the first read-through. Maybe I can try it again someday.  

(fav american novel)

I don’t know what constitutes an American novel, so I’ll fudge a point and say a novel by an American author? I mean, I think that qualifies? Anything by Gene Stratton Porter. I really liked Her Father's Daughter--it's set in California and has some really good themes of education, homemaking, friendships with guys, and facing subtle abuse. 

So there you have it. I love this idea, and want to create something similar of my own to match characters with flavors! Have you done the Book Cake tag? 


  1. absolutely loved this tag, Schuyler! Oh, such fun! I'll have to do it sometime when not too busy =)
    A delight to read your responses too ^_^
    Also I loved your description of that week in which you treasured so many beautiful memories and moments. How wonderful!! <3 Praise the Lord for His faithful goodness and mercy!! <3

    1. Aww, it's so fun to do! I would love it if you did it on your blog! <3

      It was a lovely week. A much needed restorative...I was getting worn down in the editing, and a forced week off really helped recharge. Thank-you so much for your encouragement, darling!

  2. Mhm, I love this post. <3 A perfect recap and perfect picks for the books.

    1. ^_^ You should do it sometime.


  3. Oh! I LOVE THE BRETHREN. So deliciously dramatic. One day I may have to write a fanfic alternate ending, though :P

    1. Oh, man, I want to see your fanfic so much! You could really pull it off!

  4. This tag is great and your answers are fabulous. =D We haven't talked in a while. You should come over and we'll have a chat over coffee cake.

  5. Such a unique tag! I've never heard of this before but it was really fun to read through. :)


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