Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Announcing the McConkey Press Street Team+Newsletter!

It's time.

what what what schuyler, please tell me 

Fall is the time for cuddling up with a cup of cocoa and a big book (War of Loyalties is about the size of Wives and Daughters or Little Dorrit) and I want to get the book into your hands. Today, I'm excited to make two announcements as the War of Loyalties publication season starts heating up!

Join the Street Team
To be honest, street teams have always sounded like one of the most incredibly fun parts of publishing a book. I mean....who wouldn't want a special community to fangirl and chat with?

I've always loved getting review books and being part of a couple of street teams has been no end of fun. For me, the writing process is truly most complete and most enjoyable when it can be shared. And I would love to share it with you in an inside way.

If you've ever loved War Horse, bought multiple copies of Sherlock Holmes, worn out Great Expectations, or waited week by week for the next episode of Victoria, then I would love to have you join this team of people. We're going to have lots of fun together as we strategize about how to spread the word of War of Loyalties' upcoming release!

Street Team Commitments 
1. Spread the word about the book's release through social media platforms.
2. Help with blog posts, interviews, and guest posts leading up to the release of War of Loyalties.
3. Request the book at local libraries.
4. Join in praying for the book release and the details leading up to it.
5. Review the book on vendor sites and Goodreads (encouraged but not required).
6. And more to come!

Street Team Benefits 
1. Read ebook copies of War of Loyalties (Due cost and budgeting, I'm so sorry I can't offer print copies for this book release. ARC ebooks will be available to street team members sometime in October!)
2. Get exclusive extra scenes connected with the novel characters.
3. Sneak peeks and opportunities to weigh in on future McConkey Press story ideas (including the War of Loyalties sequel!)
4. Recieve a first peek at the book cover!
5. Fellowship with a vibrant community of historical fiction lovers, readers, and writers.
6. Special surprise swag in the mail now and then as a thank-you for all your efforts!
7. Share prayer requests, life updates, and writing/reading related news of your own with each other on special thread posts.

How Do I Sign Up? 
Do you wanna be a Samwise? I would LOVE to have you apply to join the street team! The Google sign-up form is open until September 9th (Jaeryn's birthday!)  and accepted applicants will be emailed a link to a street team Facebook group the following week!

Just a note: don't panic if your social media stats are small. I want a great team, not just a widespread social media reach!

To join the street team, just click the link below:

But wait! There's more! Love the sound of the street team, but not sure about the commitment? Want a chance to weigh in on some secret War of Loyalties details?

There's something for you, too!

Join the McConkey Press Newsletter

Before War of Loyalties is printed, I still need to decide on a series title! A sneak peek at the series title choices (and your chance to tell me which ones you like) will be exclusively for newsletter subscribers. Sign up below and keep a lookout for the first newsletter, coming in the next couple of weeks to an inbox near you! :)

Here's how to join:
1. Put your email in the white box and click "Subscribe".
2. You'll receive an email with a subject line that says something like "McConkey Press Newsletter: Please Confirm Subscription." Open the email and click the link inside to confirm your subscription. (Very important!) This email may be in your "Social" or "Promotions" tab if you have a Gmail address. Or in Spam.
3. You're all set! A newsletter will be coming out sometime in the next couple of weeks! :)

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Whew! That's a lot of exciting news for one day, bibliophiles. I'm so excited with all the Lord has in store!


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