Wednesday, November 29, 2017

War of Loyalties {how to support the book release + upcoming posts}

If you've been wondering how to support War of Loyalties this week, you're in the exact right spot. Here's a handy, easy how-to guide to things that every author loves to see for their book releases!
  • Add the book on Goodreads! This shows it to your friends and gets more people interested. 
  • Purchase the book for Christmas gifts for family and friends. :) 
  • Post pictures of you with the book on social media, or email them to me! 
  • Read and comment on the upcoming blog tour posts. 
  • Share the blog posts with others via social media or email! 
  • Review War of Loyalties on Goodreads or Amazon. 
  • Sign up for the McConkey Press newsletter. (check out the top of this page, on the right.)
  • Share the Amazon purchase links with friends who love books, historical fiction, and BBC dramas! (Coming tomorrow!)
  • Enter the giveaway! (Links coming tomorrow!) 

Be sure to join My Lady Bibliophile throughout this week, as I post links to interviews and guest posts on all kinds of wonderful blogs! I'm so grateful to the team of people who are joining up to spread the word about War of Loyalties, and can't wait to share it all with you! This post will have a master list of all the guest posts and where they're at, so be sure to check back in frequently!


Blog Tour Posts: 

November 30:

My Lady Bibliophile: Announcement Post 
Lydia Carns: Book Spotlight

December 1

Defending the Legacy: Book Spotlight
The Ink Lizard: Book Spotlight

December 2

Lydia Carns: Author Interview
My Lady Bibliophile: My Heart is Filled With Thankfulness 


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