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Author Interview: Amanda Barratt {history, love, daring}

Every so often an extra-special post comes along to My Lady Bibliophile, and this is one of them. Today I get to have an interview with my sweet British-loving, bibliophile friend, Amanda Barratt. Join us for a discussion of favorite Jane Austen heroes, tightrope walkers, and writing! 

Hi Amanda! *serves you tea and shortcake* Welcome to My Lady Bibliophile! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your new book release? 

*Accepts tea and shortcake happily.* I’m so excited to be joining you today, My Lady. Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit. :-)

I’m the author of six novellas published by Barbour, and my novel, My Heart Belongs in Niagara Falls, New York, released January 1st. It’s a story of daring and romance set against the backdrop of Victorian Buffalo and the beautiful Niagara Falls. I love British movies, Five Guys hamburgers, dark chocolate, my family, dear friends (of which you are one!), and am daily grateful for the saving grace of our Savior.

*Schuyler pops in for a hug.*  

Book or movie? – Book when I have brainpower. Movie, particularly an episode of I Love Lucy, when I don’t. :-)

You've written several Christian Romance novellas with Barbour. What makes this your favorite genre to write, and as a Christian author, why is story-telling important to you? 

While my novellas are classified as Christian historical romance, I like to think of them more as stories about people on a journey, struggling with heartache, decisions, and their relationship with God. Along the way, they fall in love, but that’s only a part of their story. I know from my own experience how important fiction can be in revealing truth and drawing a person closer to God. I also love being able to offer readers an alternative to my genre’s secular counterpart.

Sunshine or rain? – Both, probably. Lately, it’s been pretty dreary, so sunshine would be nice. But I love a rainy day as it always makes me think of my favorite British classics.

As you write about these special men and women falling in love, what is your favorite kind of couple to write about? (Personality, etc.) Do you have any favorite couples in literature? 

An element I particularly love to develop in my stories is sacrifice. Ultimately, the measure of love can only be tried when it is tested. I also like to write about heroes that show chivalry and honor toward the women in their life--mother, sister, friends, and special future wife.

Favorite couples in literature? Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, Colonel Brandon and Marianne Dashwood, John Thornton and Margaret Hale, Colonel McLlinn and Roxanna from The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz, and Aric and Hadassah from For Such a Time by Kate Breslin. I also have a special fondness for Victoria and Lord Melbourne from the show Victoria, though they were never quite a couple. :-)

*Schuyler pops in for Melbourne fangirling.* 

Introvert or extrovert? – Introvert. Except around family and close friends.

Drew is quite the daring hero. Can you tell us a little bit about the Niagara daredevils who tried tightrope walking across the falls? 

Charles Blondin was undoubtedly the most famous. He performed his first stunt in 1859 to a crowd of thousands of onlookers who expected him to plummet to his death. He proceeded to perform many more times, where he achieved such feats as: carrying his manager across the Falls on his back, walking across the tightrope while pushing a wheelbarrow, crossing blindfolded, and going over on stilts. He survived all this and lived to old age, spending his later years at a house he built in London with the money he made at Niagara Falls, calling it aptly, Niagara House. Many others followed suit, attempting to achieve Blondin’s fame, but none ever succeeded. The only woman to cross Niagara Falls by tightrope was Maria Spelterini who did so in 1876, wearing peach baskets strapped to her feet.

Darcy or Knightley?  Darcy. Because, like Elizabeth, I adore his beautiful grounds at Pemberley. :-)

Thanks so much for visiting today, Amanda, and a huge congrats to you! It's a pleasure to hold your book and to know you as an author. I'm so excited to celebrate this release with you on My Lady Bibliophile! 

Keep scrolling to read more about the book, and check out my review of the story here! 

About the Author
ECPA bestselling author Amanda Barratt fell in love with writing in grade school when she wrote her first story – a spinoff of Jane Eyre. Now, Amanda writes inspirational historical romance, penning stories that transport readers to a variety of locales – from the sweeping coastline of Newport, Rhode Island, to the rugged landscape of Central Texas. Her novella, The Truest Heart, was a finalist in the 2017 FHL Reader’s Choice Awards.

A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, she lives in the woods of Michigan with her fabulous family, who kindly put up with the invisible people she calls characters.

These days, Amanda can be found reading way too many books, watching an eclectic mix of BBC dramas and romantic chick flicks, and trying to figure out a way to get on the first possible flight to England.

Sign up for her author newsletter on her websitehttp://amandabarratt.net/

About the Book

Journey to Niagara Falls, New York, 1870

She avoids danger at all costs. He makes his living by rushing headlong into it.
Outwardly, Adele Linley’s trip to visit her American cousins is nothing more than a summer vacation. In reality, she’s the daughter of an English aristocrat with barely a penny to her name seeking a rich American husband.

Having grown up in an overcrowded orphanage, Drew Dawson is determined to make a name for himself. He’ll take any honest job to provide for his sister—even crossing Niagara Falls by tightrope.

Adele meets incredibly wealthy and pompous Franklin Conway who takes an immediate fancy to her. But she would truly like to marry for love. When she encounters the mysterious Drew in the garden, Adele is confused by her feelings for someone who is everything she is NOT looking for. Will they both stay the course they have chosen for themselves?


  1. Thank you so much for hosting this interview, dear friend! :) Lots of Melbourne fangirling going on here too! :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! We'll have to have tea in person again sometime! <3

  2. Lovely interview, you two! It's nice to hear Amanda's thoughts about her stories and her genre of choice. I was hungry for that tea and shortbread.

    Several of Amanda's favorite couples from literature are my favorites, too. But I prefer Mr. Knightley to Mr. Darcy. ;)

    1. Knightley is a friend beyond compare. When I was younger, I think I would have been a good fit for Tilney. I adored his sense of humor. :)


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