Friday, January 26, 2018

Rediscovering the Library

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Two years ago I wrote a nostalgic post about our library days. In it, I mentioned that we didn't gotten to the library nearly as much. In fact, I went to the library in January of 2016 and found my card had been expired since September.

Life rhythms change.

Well, life rhythms change back again, and I have loved frequenting our local library quite often again. When I was younger, we would walk to the library on Friday mornings. Now that I'm older and have a driver's license, I'll still swing by the local one. But a delicious new realm of freedom opened up when  I could drive quite frequently to the bigger library that's not within walking distance.

It's a city library tucked away between other buildings, with a parking lot that gives you a ticket for an hour of free parking. Quite often I spill just a little bit over, but it's worth it. As you come in, you are greeted by professional employees whose whole demeanor communicates that they are ready to serve with that little bit of extra polish.

It feels like the doors open up into a magical world of dreams come true.

There are marble floors and multiple stories; there are quiet study rooms and patrons reading or working on computers, who glance at you as you pass by. Sometimes there's even a homeless person stretching out on a bench in the back of the CD section. They'll probably be asked to move along eventually, but they snatch a quiet moment where they can.

Since frequenting the library, I discovered War Horse for a dollar. Just last week I found four P.G. Wodehouse novels and The Prisoner of Zenda in the for sale shelves. I also picked up a few DVDs, because I can get back to the library soon enough to return them when they're due. This library is stocked with wonderful classic and modern films--Dickens, Sherlock Holmes, Cadfael.

I've also been ordering a lot more books. As I embark on research for Folkestone Files #2 (exciting stuff in the works, folks.) I'll be ordering all kinds of things about Germany during the war, the history of the church in WW1, the battles themselves, the history of MI-5 and MI-6, and some more secret stuff with won't be on my Goodreads right away. :) The ability to get research books for free is a comfort I am holding on to. I have an idea where I want to go with this book. I even have a rough draft to prove it. But there are still some big locks in the story that I haven't found keys for yet--things I want to accomplish that the characters haven't cooperated with.

We'll make it, though. Through the grace of prayer and the gift of a local library.

Right now, the library is feeding my future ambitions and my current balance between work and rest. And I am so grateful for it.


  1. I LOVE the library. We grew up in a county that had three, we frequented two at different periods, Mom utilized interlibrary loan frequently. Since we were homeschooled the library was pretty essential. Later we moved and were introduced to the "big" city library system. Then we moved again, and were introduced to the saddest library collection I've ever seen. Thankfully, we can still use the city library either by paying for a card or if we work and have paid taxes. I always have books from this library, I order them and pick them up when I'm in town. I haven't been to the downtown main branch which has all sorts of historical and genealogical records, that should be a trip some day.

    I feel like although I read a lot of reading blogs, not many mention the library. Libraries are essential for me. I'm not a fan of e-readers and I prefer to buy books I've already read. Its always nice to read library post.

  2. Libraries are a true blessing, one that should be more advocated I think! Did you know my sister Sarah is studying her Masters in Information Studies to become a librarian?


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