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McConkey Press OTPs {valentine's day}

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I've complained quite often to various friends lately that I don't write romance well. I can write friendships well. Friendships are something I have always had and savored. They are a key part of my life. Romance is something that I've always been cautious with trying to feel. 

You write what you know.

But over the years I've observed other writers write love stories. I've watched movies and read books. And there are some beautiful ones to be enjoyed. I've also thought about my own characters and who they belong with. You know you're a crazy author when you pick a spouse for your character and know their marriage down to the communication problems and flaws they each bring to each other.

While writing romance is hard with a couple of characters I'm working on right now, I've already written a few couples that I love. The first two are already published. The third one probably will be in some form someday, but I have to get permission to reprint song lyrics first, which I'm hoping to work on this year. 


The only romance plot in War of Loyalties, and two people I have loved and cried over. 

Fav quote: 

Terry caught sight of Jaeryn’s  blonde passenger then, and his eyes lit up. He offered a hand over the side of the car and engulfed hers in a hearty shake. “I’ve seen you before.  Are  you  the  doctor’s  sister,  or  an  elf  come  down  from Ireland for a visit?”
She drew her hand back from his touch. “I am Pearl Dailey.”
Terry hefted her trunk out of the back and set it on the ground.  “Do you mind if I call you Acushla instead? You look like an Acushla.” 

Fav way they suit each other: cheery+protective {terry}, shy+sweet {pearlie} 

Main flaw: Probably Terry, mostly. *chuckles* 

i think the main flaw was the author, schuyler. let's be honest here. 

Fav things to do together: Hold hands, and take care of the people they love. 

OTP Songs: when you're with me {the afters} , if i could cry {paul byrom}, a whole new world {peter and evynne hollens} 


Fav Quote:

Frustration edged his voice. “I don’t think I belong here. I’m lost in this kind of work, and he isn’t helping.”

Her voice was low and fierce, though the fierceness was not for him, he knew. “You are strong and brave and kind. And you did what you thought you were supposed to do. If he does not want you here, then we will face him and show him that twenty years of bravery are too strong to be undone by three weeks of the war.”

Fav way they suit each other: They both have a deep love for home, healing, and kindness.

Main flaw: A tendency to hide from healthy disagreement and open communication of their feelings because they don't want to hurt each other and their marriage is incredibly precious to both of them.

Fav things to do together:
Kiss. ;) Raise children. Spend time in the evening relaxing after a hard day's work.

OTP songs: feels like home {damian mcgint

julian+cora lee williams 

The Caribbean novellas had the fun of a friendship trio without a love triangle. I thought about keeping it that way, but Julian and Cora Lee Williams (aka Roo) decided to dance together, which was the end of things as they had been. Friend Colby was cool with it.

but what about Colby, schuyler. he was part of this trio and then you left him out in the cold.

Fav Quote:
I knew what I wanted to give you for Christmas a long time ago. I think, in a strange kind of way, I’ve known ever since we danced together. But I decided to wait for a while to see if it was something you would want too.

Fav way they suit each other: Passionate about art/culture and seeking to know God better together.

Fav things to do together: Read Scripture. Listen to songs that mean a lot to them. Try yummy food at restaurants and coffee shops. Dance. ;)

Main flaw: I don't think they have any, so maybe that's it?

OTP Songs:
the dance {colm keegan}

victoria hathaway+mystery hero 
Victoria came about from a dare and a bunch of random pictures on Pinterest. She was glorious to write last year, but after a long hiatus publishing WoL, she's been more distressing than otherwise at the beginning of this year. I think it's part stage-fright as an author and part re-reading the first draft and finding it needs help. But I've found bits and pieces of inspiration lately, and maybe she just needs a bit more incubation and love. We'll get there together. 

Fav Quote:

Whoever said that love was not a conscious choice was a liar and a fool. She could feel the tide, pressing heavy against the wall of her common sense and future piece, foaming for entrance as his hand reached for hers and they stepped into the carriage. But she was her own woman now—there was no one to care what became of her, no one to be hurt by her choice. It was only her. And what a life to live, loving him.

Fav way they suit each other: They both love the pursuit of justice, and they can live separate from the world, content in introverted, passionate esteem for each other.

Fav things to do together:
Use their observation skills to uncover unspoken facts about the people around them, fight crime in the streets of London, and playing the violin.

Main flaw: They each have inner independence, either by choice or by necessity. One of them doesn't ask for help. The other doesn't need it.

OTP songs: lord m {victoria soundtrack}, a sky full of stars {pianoguys}


Angel is a Syrian-American currently employed by Peter as his female butler and right-hand aide in an undercover foreign operation. Angel is running from her heritage and Peter is running from inner demons of frightening obsessions he cannot understand. 

Fav Quote: There aren't any yet! I'm still in the early outlining stages. 

Fav way they fit together:
They find resources of iron courage, fulfilling purpose, and hope in each other that they're never going to find separately.

Fav things to do together:
Keeping Peter's business and household in order and painstakingly clean down to the smallest detail. Take part in undercover human rescue operations.

Main flaw: Peter thinks the only way he can stay safe is by isolating himself more and more into his own private existence. Angel is content to live a satisfying life without facing the pain of her people. And they're happy to be in their own perfect little world.

OTP songs: the sound of surviving {nichole nordman}

So, in looking at all this, maybe I can write romance. Maybe it just takes time to have the people I love come to life. 


  1. TERRY AND HIS ACUSHLA. *cries* Aahhh, I loved the romance in the Caribbean Diaries. I really hope you can get them published one day soon!!

    1. Me too! I'm hoping to get legal permission for The Dance and as soon as I do I'm going to send it out to the world!

  2. These are such lovely romances, Schuyler. Julian + Roo are especially adorable.

    But you know which is my favorite. ;)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Aw, thank-you so much. *warm fuzzies* I loved writing a modern story with that one. ;) And I love your favorite. <3 <3 Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  3. Terry and Acushla! (Yes it was definitely the authour that was their flaw. . . in a good way, I mean a well-written way. . . but I am still not --- just not.)

    Wait, you have a Colby? I've got a Colby too, a non-fiction character, only that's not the name his parents gave him, but a nickname based on his given name. I'd never heard of anyone else called that too.

    You haven't said much about the other stories on the blog yet, but when they're ready to take the big grown-up steps WoL has, I'll be glad to see them.


    1. Hey, I totally get it! I totally get it. ;) <3

      I do have a Colby! I'm not sure where I got his name from--but he's this really sweet guy. Who is your Colby in real life?

      How would you like to read the Caribbean stories? They're a breath of fresh air, and you might enjoy them! (No pressure, though.)

    2. He's one of our Catholic friends from school. I've written about him a little on my blog, but not as much as the others. He's a sweet guy too --- I wonder if something about the name goes with that kind of person. He likes to share food with people, and is rather in love with the idea of knights and chivalry, and knows practically everybody on campus, so he'll stop and talk to everyone who passes.

      I'd love to read them, since you offer!


  4. What a fun post! The first three couples are already precious to me, and I can't wait to meet the last two!
    I really to enjoy how you write romance, Schuyler -- you give such a sense of the camaraderie and beauty as two people delight in each other, balance each other's strengths & weaknesses, help each other heal, and accomplish things for the cause of justice and the glory of God. Keep at it, Girly.

    Kyla <3


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