Friday, March 2, 2018

How to Be The Perfect Christian {by the Babylon Bee}

Babylon Bee's satirical articles have kept the world in stitches of laughter ever since they started putting them out. Having fun at the expense of well-known speakers and worship trends, they lead to half-gasp, half-laugh reactions that make Christians say ouch and amen at the same time. Adam Ford started the site, and his journey through depression and gift of humor is well worth reading about. So when their book came up on my list of review options, of course, I wanted to pick it up.

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How to Be the Perfect Christian is full of classic satirical fun at what Christians love most: everything from modern church worship (your worship team had better have nine people on it), to potlucks, to forcing every movie and activity into a Gospel parallel, the authors provide a lot of classic laughs at what the American church has become. Whether you need to know how to make the worship team work for your response or review the seven essential truths of the Gospel, it's all here to guide you along the way.

I have to admit, this is a tough review to write, because I just wasn't syncing with the humor while I read the book, and I honestly think it was my own mental state at the time and not the fault of the book. While I thought the book would have been tighter divided into a modern Christian track and a legalist Christian track (someone who hated alcohol and wore denim skirts probably wouldn't go to the church in chapter one) it provides a great opportunity to get introduced to the Babylon Bee and loan it out to others.

The Babylon Bee is a fun, laugh-inducing read in the evenings after work. As for me? I read it on the way to church and back. Because after all, if you want to be the perfect Christian, Sunday morning is the best time to read all about it.

I received an ARC copy from the publisher, and not all details may be the same upon publication. All opinions expressed are my own.

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