Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring TBR

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It's the first day of Spring! I'm so glad! Spring always feels like a fresh burst of energy after the cold winter season, so it's time for a new TBR stack and endless ambitions for the next three months or so. Here's what I've come up with for my stack this spring:

Crowning Heaven
You guys. My friend Emily is releasing Crowning Heaven, an epic portal fantasy, on May 15. You won't want to miss this. I don't want to miss this. I simply can't wait. You can add it on Goodreads here and check out the official announcement here.

The Silver Chair
Precious Puddleglum. I'm almost through The Chronicles of Narnia series re-read.  I have so much respect for Lewis's talents in this read-through. And not only that, but my heart is warmed and stirred by the truth and glory of Aslan in these stories.

The Last Battle
I really wrote down The Voyage of the Dawn Treader here when I was first drafting this post. Moment of distraction. Should I read the last one this spring? Should I save it? I feel like I should read it now while the spark is hot.

Hannah Coulter 
Some friends lent me this book. I've had it waiting too long, so I started it last night. I love the gentle, nostalgic look at life's memories told from the perspective of a woman who lived through WW2 in America.

The Art of War for Writers 
The kind administrators at the place where I teach are adding a highschool fiction class to the lineup this fall. I get to teach it, so I want to start reading in preparation. I cannot wait to talk fiction for an hour every week and discuss stories and brainstorming and characters and all that good stuff.

A Study in Scarlet 
Like the Chronicles of Narnia, I'd like to finish the Sherlock stories this year. I've read a lot of the short stories, so I'm going to tackle a couple of the novels next. I'm actually reading A Study in Scarlet in order this time. Normally I start from the middle, read all the backstory, and then read the mystery uninterrupted.

A Wounded Shadow 
I am so excited. SO excited. This is the end of Willet Dura's journey in Patrick Carr's latest series, a fantasy world threatened by a forest so dark that no one can escape it unscathed. Questions will be answered. Mysteries will be uncovered. I have waited so long for this.

Anne's House of Dreams 
I've been reading through the Anne series the last few years and hope to finish it this year. To be honest, I can't wait for Rilla of Ingleside, but must.read.in.order.

Good News for Anxious Christians 
I'm almost done with Elisabeth Elliot's Passion and Purity. After that, I'd like to read this one to be changed and strengthened with truth.

What's on your TBR stack? Is anything cool coming up in life this spring?


  1. Love this list! They all look so interesting--some of them I have read, some of them I haven't. I'm excited to see and read Emily's book when it releases!!

    I've got two books coming up, both of which look cool, and one of which is WOL. :)

    1. Two people have WoL on their spring lists!! Yay!! ^_^

  2. My sisters are coming tomorrow from Michigan to Pennsylvania to visit us, bringing me their copy of War of Loyalties and I am so excited!!! Also about to start Deep Work by Cal Newport and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

    1. Aww, I hope you really enjoy WoL! My mom read Deep Work and liked it--I'd like to read that one sometime too. :)

  3. Rilla of Ingleside is the best :)

  4. I love your TBR list! I absolutely love The Silver Chair and The Last Battle (even though TLB is heartbreaking at times) and The Art of War for Writers is basically an annual read for me. :) I can't wait for you to read this final version of Crowning Heaven, girl. It's only been getting better.

    1. The Silver Chair...I just could not believe how incredible it was. I had totally forgotten! And I cannot wait to see how incredible Crowning Heaven is going to be!!


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