To make this site easier for navigation, I have posted links to the articles that I alternate with book reviews. Articles are listed in the order of their appearance, with a short snippet of the subject you can expect to see covered in them.

The First Post
In which I introduce myself, and state my purpose for the blog.

You Can't Judge a Book...
In which I discuss three questions that every bibliophile should ask before opening a book's cover.

The Beau Ideal
In which I give tips for how to deal with sin in reading material, and explain how I edit books.

2011 Annual Book List
In which I list all the titles I read in 2011.

A Greater Thirst
In which I reveal the last book I ever want to read.

Birthday Wishes
In which I pay a tribute to Charles Dickens on the occasion of his bicentennial.

Tall Tales: Is Love a Fancy or a Feeling?
In which I discuss the importance of reading stories where people fall in love, and biblical standards for romance novels. (Three Parts)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Why We Love Stories
In which I make a biblical case for the importance of reading fiction.

Birthday Wishes
In which I pay a tribute to my brother and sister, on the occasion of their birthdays, and list their favorite books.

The Mark of Excellence
In which I discuss the basic foundation of an excellent book, in regards to plot structure, grammar, characterization, history, etc. (Three Parts)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

When Bibliophiles Play
In which I answer the questions from a tag.

Tall Tales: The Book Made Me Do It
In which I discuss whether or not a book can affect our mind and soul whether or not we consciously allow it. (Two Parts)

Part One
Part Two

In Which Bibliophiles Again Forsake Literary Pursuits
I answer the questions for another tag.

The Right Kind of Ending
In which I discuss four different types of endings--depressing, sad, bittersweet, and happy--and which ones are biblical. (Three Parts)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Two Kinds of Freedom
In which I discuss feeling emotion over stories.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave
In which Lady Bibliophile celebrates the 4th of July.

"I Have Freedom In Christ"
In which I discuss whether we are free to read anything as Christians, and whether or not one bibliophile is allowed to judge another. (Three Parts)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Magic, Fantasy, and Allegory
In which I discuss whether Christians should read fantasy, black and white magic, and other matters regarding a biblical view of magic. (Five parts)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Seize the Day!
In which I write a parable with two morals--regarding waiting too long to read books.

The Difference Between Classic and Cliche
In which I discuss the difference between healthy books and literary junk.

In which Junior B. hacks my blog on the occasion of my birthday.

The Seven Basic Plots
In which I define the seven basic conflicts and the seven basic plots, giving examples of each.

How to Deal With Dirty Words
In which I discuss a Christians response to language, and its effects on the brain. (Four Parts)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

The Hardest Age to be a Bibliophile
In which I reveal the hardest age to be a bibliophile, and give book recommendations for that age.

Reformation Day
In which I discuss the five solas of the Reformation, and give movie recommendations for the occasion.

The Ins and Outs of Advertising Discernment
In which I discuss advertising tricks, and how to see through them. (Two Parts)

Part One
Part Two

The Most Important Book for a Bibliophile
In which how I read the Most Important Book for any bibliophile; three excuses we give to keep from reading it, and three tips for making it easier to get through.

I Wish You a Merry Christmas
In which I recommend books, movies, and audios in celebration of the season.

The Bibliophile Awards
In which I summarize 2012 on My Lady Bibliophile and choose the top articles, books, and authors, as well as looking forward to 2013.

In Which My Lady Bibliophile Celebrates One Year of Existence
I celebrate one year of blogging, and reveal the list of books I have read in 2012.

How Bibliophiles Earn Money
In which I talk about Swagbucks and explain blog updates.

Tall Tales: A Healthy Reading Diet
In which I talk about the different book groups, according to the food pyramid, and various myths surrounding them. (Two parts.)

Part One
Part Two

Top Six Literary Couples
In honor of Valentine's week, we discuss the best married couples of literature.

Top Ten Heroes and Heroines
In honor of Valentine's week, we discuss the top ten heroes and heroines of literature.

Tall Tales: Passion v. Idolatry (A Call to Bibliophiles)
In which I talk about the difference between passion and idolatry, and how bibliophiles do not allow themselves to have enough passion. (Two parts.)

Part One
Part Two

The Battle Won (Reprise)
In which I post a reprise of my 2012 Good Friday article, and encourage fellow bibliophiles to keep pressing on in their Christian walk.

Are Authors a Product of Their Times?
In which I discuss whether or not we should judge an author according to the era of thought they are living in.

Tall Tales: Moves and Books are Different
In which I discuss the flaw of saying "Movies and books are two different things"--when a fundamental worldview switch is being passed off on the viewer in the name of entertainment.

The Art of Annotations
In which I discuss two annotations I liked and disliked, and why.

When Bibliophiles Play
In which Lady Bibliophile discusses what she's doing when she's not reading--favorite hobbies, pictures of her writing space, and a video interview, as well as much more!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Tall Tales: Re-Reading is a Waste of Time
In which I discuss both sides of the debate on re-reading, and why the second perusal of a book is worthwhile.

Bibliophiles and Accountability
In which I discuss how to come to a fellow bibliophile when they're making unwise reading choices.

A Happy Birthday Blog Post
In which I participate in a tag to celebrate the blogoversary of Fullness of Joy.

The Power of the Cross
In which I look at the right way and the wrong way to present the gospel in stories.

Part One
Part Two

In Which I Go to a Book Sale
A video blog on the occasion of my favorite 4th of July book sale.

Tall Tales: Judging a Book by its Era
In which I examine the danger of rejecting a book because of its copyright date.

Why Should We Read?
In which I discuss the core purpose of reading--to know Christ--as well as how to read with discernment. 

The Sinners We Love (And Whether or Not We Should)
In which I look at the ethics of loving sinners and villains, and evaluate the popularity behind the best-loved sinners of literature. 


When Bibliophiles Write
In which I answer a tag that's part of a new writing blog launch, and talk about my favorite writing techniques and habits.

3 Thinks I Learned From G.K. Chesterton
Suzannah Rowntree guest posts on My Lady Bibliophile, with three reasons why every bibliophile should make an acquaintance with G.K. Chesterton.

Behind the Bedroom Door
In which Junior Bibliophile surprises me with a very sweet post on the occasion of my 19th birthday.

Favorite Bibliophile Destinations
A vlog post of me in front of two of my favorite bookstores.

Situational Ethics and How to Deal With Them
In which we discuss the definition of situational ethics, what to do with books that contain situational ethics, and the proper times to disobey man's laws when they contradict God's laws.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Let Them All Laugh
A discussion of the purpose of humor in literature, and the hope it offers the readers. Also a description of the 'comic relief' character.

On Roman Catholicism
In which I discuss the value of reading about Roman Catholic characters, and how to approach them in a biblical and historical context.

The Books I'm Most Thankful For
A list of the books I have most enjoyed, and ones that have had the most impact on me. (Thanksgiving week)

When a Character Chooses Evil
Does one pitch a book in which the main character makes an evil decision and doesn't repent--or could it perhaps be worthwhile after all?

Book Tag Week
A few fun and relaxing questions about reading habits.

Part One
Part Two

Best of 2013
In which I list my favorite blog posts and book reviews of 2013.

2 Years of My Lady Bibliophile
In which I release my 2013 book list, and celebrate 2 years of blogging.

Discernment or Deception?
When taking a book captive is a waste of time, instead of showing discernment.

In Which We Do a Vlog
In which Junior B. films me answering a few get-to-know you questions that don't have to do with books.

My Favorite Literary Proposals
In celebration of Valentine's Day.

Worst Literary Proposals
Several of the worst proposals I have ever read.

What Makes a Good Hero
In which I list favorite literary heroes, and why they are so enduring.

What Makes a Good Sidekick
In which I explore the traits that make up a good sidekick.

What Makes a Good Heroine
By special request--the best heroines of literature, and why we love them.

What Makes a Book Endure
Two qualities that every enduring book has in its makeup.

The Accessible Gospel
Why we shouldn't shun the Gospel in fictional stories. (A companion post to The Power of the Cross series.)

Let Us Fix Our Eyes On Jesus
In which I do some soul-searching on the present state of Christianity for Black Friday.

Literary Vlog Tag
(Almost) 52 questions tag, by video interview. (With Junior B.!)

Part One
Part Two

Around the Vendor Hall
The books we picked up at our 2014 local homeschool convention.

Shock Value In Literature
In which I discuss what shock elements are best--and not so best--to read about.

Part One
Part Two

Fullness of Joy Birthday Tag--Historical Classics
Favorite historical classics tag, in honor of Joy C's 3rd blogoversary.

One Thing Every Book Reviewer Needs to Remember
The one point to bear in mind that will help us use grace and truth in reviewing books--thinking of the author behind the story.

In Congress, July 4th, 1776
In which Lady Bibliophile recites The Declaration of Independence from memory--in colonial costume! (vlog)

4th of July Booksale + Christian Audio Resource
Vlog of our special book finds at our local 4th of July book sale.

In Which My Lady Bibliophile Reveals Her Writing Secrets (Fullness of Joy Tag--Inkstains)
In which I open up about my two novels in progress--characters, plots, and TONS of SECRETS. In honor of Joy C's 3rd blogoversary.

What Makes a Good Illustrator
My favorite illustrators, and why illustrations are important in literature.

Children's Edition
Adult Edition

The Great Conversation
My ongoing adventures reading through The Great Books Reader, and learning how to use Christian discernment, as well as being open-minded to listening to different points of view.


The Aim of an Artist
In which I analyze Tolstoy's quote: "The aim of an artist is not to resolve a question irrefutably, but to compel one to love life in all its manifestations, and these are inexhaustible."

The Best of Literary Friendships
My favorite friendships from literature.

The Best of Literary Animals 
My favorite animals from literature.

Tolkien Guest Series, by Elisabeth H. 
A fantastic guest series explaining Christian dominion in the fantasy genre, with a special emphasis on J.R.R. Tolkien.

1. The World of Faerie
2. War of Words 
3. The Doctrine of Fantasy

Happy 20th Birthday, Lady Bibliophile!
In which Junior B. hacks my blog for my birthday. :)

The Bookshelf Tag
A vlog chat about books.

10 Tips For What Makes a Good Author
A list of ten qualities every good author will develop on the writing journey.

The Best of Unlikely Heroes
My favorite unlikely heroes in literature.

Best of: Bible Edition
In which I take this year's 'best of' categories and match them with Bible characters.

The Lord of the Rings Tag
A Tolkien chat. Just because.

What Every Author Needs From Every Bibliophile
How every bookworm should hold their favorite authors accountable and give them feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Tall Tales: Comfort With Sin Equals Maturity
A clarification of the popular phrase "You should only read this book if you're mature enough to handle it."

"It's Like the Great Stories, Mr. Frodo." 
Why writing stories is vital in the Kingdom of God for remembrance and hope.

The Hobbit Tag 
Answers with my thoughts about the Hobbit book and movies.

2014 Best Of + 2014 Book List 
Favorite blog articles and book reviews from 2014 on My Lady Bibliophile! 2014 booklist, and 2014 Author of the Year.

After All These Years--3 Years of My Lady Bibliophile 
Nostalgia and memories to commemorate 3 years of blogging.

4 Keys to Great Historical Fiction
4 elements that separate good historical fiction from the mediocre.

Leaving a Legacy in Your Books 
The pros and cons of underlining in your books.

How Our Family Reads Together 
How our family treasured reading times together.

6 Writing Tools I Love
Websites and programs that I consider essential to my writing journey. (Check out the comments for other reader's great suggestions as well!)

How To Write a Book Review 
Five simple steps for writing a meaningful book review.

Why Young Writers are Tackling Tough Themes

11 Things I Didn't Remember About the Two Towers
Favorite rediscovered Tolkien trivia from my second time through this Lord of the Ring's classic.

Why Everyone Needs a Daddy
The theme of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility--that the protection and emotional stability fathers provide is essential to every girl's well-being.

Random bits of personal trivia + what I did on my blogging break.

Best of Brothers and Sisters
My favorite brothers and sisters in literature.

How to Talk to a Writer (For All Non-Writing Friends)
Have you ever wondered how to have a deep and interesting conversation with a writer? Take a look at this list of simple questions to ask or avoid.

My Bookmark Collection
Pictures of the different things I've collected and used as bookmarks over the years.

Best of Literary Mothers 
My favorite mothers in literature, in honor of Mother's Day 2015.

The Liebster Award
14 questions from Joy C, all about music, blogging, and daily life!


  1. *gazes in wonder* There is so much good material here which I need to read. And so little time. But this page and all these links are on my list for when I feel like procrastinating. =D


    1. The top articles are from about three years ago, and on some of the issues my perspective has matured and expanded over time, but I leave them up so people can see the journey. :) I hope you enjoy them! :D


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