Recommended Resources

The following are a list of blogs, speakers, books, articles, and websites that I have found particularly helpful in my Christian walk. You'll often see me refer to them throughout the site, though I do not receive any remuneration for doing so. Please enjoy browsing! Also, while I have found these to be trusted resources, that does not mean I unconditionally recommend all theology or content to be found on these sites; therefore, use biblical discernment as you explore. :)

Recommended Blogs:

In Which I Read Vintage Novels
In-depth reviews of old classics, sure to give you a host of titles to enjoy.

International Christian Bible Fellowship 
Enjoy the posts of the Bible studies my brother and I have with fellow believers across the U.S. and Canada; sound biblical teaching ranging from family relationships to apologetics. Special Mention: Check out the Family First Aid series, based on the great message series by James MacDonald. An indispensable set for every family, which you can buy here.

Fresh Modesty
See into the life of another young woman who chose not to go to college after highschool. She is using her time to minister to her family, and provides practical examples of modesty for young women.

For other blogs, check out the ones I follow on my profile!

Recommended Companies/Ministries: 

Answers in Genesis
A defense for young earth creation, answering questions on carbon dating, cavemen, suffering and death, and other topics that evolution uses to undermine the Christian faith.

Find insightful articles and professional Christian news reporting on WORLD magazine's website. For $5 a month you can get the print magazine as well as access to all digital editions past and present. (I don't receive any commission from this recommendation! :)

Western Conservatory
The home of the Botkin family, where you can find audios, books, and DVDs of sound biblical teaching. We have used many of their resources, and highly recommend them. Special Mention: The Reclaiming Beauty Study offers solid biblical teaching on dress, hair, accessories, and fashion history to young woman, including both principles and practical tips. Worth every penny to purchase it.

Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary
This dictionary gives definitions of words based on the pages of Scripture. Find it for free with the link provided. 

Recommended Movie Review Websites: 

Of course I am always happy to discuss and provide movie reviews, but I try to gather two or three opinions when deciding what to watch. With that in mind, I find the following websites helpful for researching content and thematic elements of many popular movies. Please note that since these are detailed reviews, they include any instances of language and sexuality the movie may contain, to inform you about what you're going to be seeing.

From October Baby to The Hobbit, PluggedIn offers a Christian critique of box office films, new Christian and secular releases, and British classics. Detailing positive and negative elements, sex, language, and spiritual content, this is by far the best movie review website I have come across.

Movie Guide
Another excellent resource; be sure to study their rating system and color code symbols to get the most benefit out of  each review. 

Dove Reviews
Not as detailed as the above two, Dove still offers a basic biblical overview of sex, language, and violence in many Christian and popular films.

IMDb parent guides
While IMDb parent advisory guides are helpful, this website contains many immodest advertisements and very ungodly films. Please use extreme caution. Know what title you're looking for ahead of time; aimless browsing on this website is not wise, and I recommend trying the other websites listed before using this one. Also, it's better if you search the title of your film in a toolbar (i.e. 'Little Dorrit, IMDb' on Google) so as to go directly to the page you are looking for, and avoid having to search on the website itself.

Film Review By People
A group of college students banded together to review popular box office and Christian films from a biblical perspective. They detail positive and negative elements, and give their view on whether or not a Christian should watch it. I agree with the majority of their conclusions, from what I've seen, and I highly recommend them. Depending on the reviewer, negative elements sometimes include unabbreviated examples of profanity that they want the reviewer to be aware of. 

Need a Little Humor?

Jostie Flicks
A Canadian family's various spoofs on modern thought, American politics, and romance.

To get you started: "Same Here"

Messy Mondays
Jordan posts a satire every Monday on popular misconceptions about homeschoolers, idiosyncrasies in the church, and  the fallibilities of our generation. Most of them are great, though if a title looks questionable and/or weird, the content generally is as well. Hilarious caricatures, which often hit rather close to home.

To get you started: "How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less)"

Bored Shorts
Two kids make up a story, then the adults take it and act it out. The kid's audio track is then edited over their actions, and makes for a most amusing 3 or 4 minutes.

To get you started: "Proposal"

Recommended Music/Audio:

Charlie Zahm
A mix of authentic and original Celtic songs.

Deborah Brinson 
Deborah's CD ErinSong captures the wild beauty of the Irish heritage. Beautiful vocals and harp playing. $10

Wissmann Family
Hymns and original Christian arrangements in a bluegrass/gospel style

Howard Shore
Perhaps the best secular composer, Howard Shore composed the tracks for The Lord of the Rings movies by Peter Jackson. Soul-stirring, and powerful enough to provoke laughter, tears, and excitement.

Piano Guys
These musicians are top-notch; they've released albums on Amazon, and post videos on their YouTube channel. Everything from The Carol of the Bells to Bring Him Home.

Focus On the Family Radio Dramas
From Screwtape to Les Miserables, Paul McCusker's award-winning dramatizations take the essence of Christianity from each story they produce, and turn it into a movie for the mind. Every Saturday night they air these dramas on the radio, and you can generally find the excerpt posted on their website by Monday morning. I listened to the entire drama of Oliver Twist this way when they released it in December 2012.  Though their earlier dramas are language-free, it's starting to creep in to their latest releases.

Jim Weiss audiobooks
Jim Weiss narrates such classics as The Young Carthaginian, The Cat of Bubastes, and Carry On, Mr. Bowditch in an engaging and attention-grabbing style. Great for all ages; I still remember being glued to the tape-recorder when we first heard The Cat of Bubastes. :) He also has many story-telling CDs for children with Celtic legends, fairy tales, and mysteries.

Victoria Botkin audio narrations 
The Botkin family selected stores about America's founding mothers to inspire and teach young ladies in godly femininity. From the humorous letters of Elinore Stewart to the inspiring life of Eliza Lucas Pinckney, enjoy  thrilling exploits and a personal look into America's past.

2012 Family Economics Conference
Speakers such as Doug Phillips, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Kevin Swanson, Eric Weir, and the Maxwell family give timely instructions on how to use money to advance the Kingdom of God, and how to develop a family economy. Worth the cost, and I think every family should have this resource. 

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